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12 Exciting Summer Games to Play on Your Camping Trip

Summer is an exciting season to explore the great outdoors and have fun. So, make sure everyone is up and running. Include exciting activities that will surely make the trip so memorable they want to do this over.  Playing games is one way to have an enjoyable bond with your family or friends.

Here are 12 exciting summer games to play on your camping trip.


1. Blocks Stacks 

You can enjoy playing this classic stack tower game using rectangular blocks even when camping. It can be played by as many players as you want. Set up the blocks tower by placing four randomly picked colors crosswise per layer, so there should be 15 layers for 60 wooden blocks included. Take turns in rolling the dice, then remove a block from the middle or bottom layer that matches with the one on the dice using only one hand and place it on top. The last person to remove a block without crashing the tower down wins the game! To make this game more exciting, set a timer (15 seconds to remove a block and place it on top) and a consequence to the one who crashes the tower.

Have a steady place to build your tower by bringing a portable bamboo table so you can enjoy the game all day long.

 Colorful Blocks Stack


2. Water Gun Fight 

Adults can also enjoy this cool water gun fight activity while camping. Have as much fun as you can by blasting water to your opponents until all of you are soaked and have beaten the summer heat.


3. Water Bombs

Almost similar to water gunfight where you also make your own rules on how to play this game, so long as you throw water balloons at your opponents. Water balloon fight has been a cool and exciting game to play anywhere, what more during a summer camping?

 water balloons on the field


4. Frisbee at Night 

Make your camping frisbee game exciting by playing it at night! It’s more than possible to see (only) the disc flying, and probably your fellow mates with a glow in the dark frisbee. Add a thrill as you play this game. Just be careful not to trip and fall, so it’s best played on a clear field near your camp.


5. BucketBall 

Imagine beer pong but bigger, that’s the concept of playing the bucketball. It’s a perfect, exciting game to be played while camping. Set up two sets of triangular formation using six buckets each. Fill each bucket with one-third water or weighted object to hold it down. Each team player will throw the ball to the opponent team’s buckets. Remove the bucket the ball went into. Whoever removes all the opponent’s buckets win and the losing team will have a consequence.


6. Wink Murder

Another exciting, around the campfire game, is murder by winking. The objective is to know who the murderer is before he/she kills every one. You play this by having a designated Godfather, a neutral person. Everyone around will then close their eyes. The Godfather will choose a murderer by walking around and tapping a person in his/her mind. After choosing a murderer, everyone will open their eyes and continue the campfire conversations. Be watchful because if the murderer winks at you, then you die and sit back down. If there’s a witness to the murder, then he/she can call the murderer out and win in the game. But, if the witness is wrong, then he/she joins the rest of the dead players.


7. Campfire Charades

Most of you are familiar with charades, the most common and active guessing game played in the parties. Change the settings a bit by playing it on your camp around the campfire for the shadows. You can make whatever categories you can think of (movie/TV, animals, place, food, and many more). You will act something out, without talking, and your team will guess what that is for a limited time. After the time runs out and your team didn’t guess it, the other team can steal and guess it once. The team who gets the most points win!

 charades around the campfire


8. Dodgeball 

You most probably know how this exciting, active game is played. You can either use an inflatable ball, soccer ball or volleyball for this. The main goal is to eliminate all the members of the opposing team. You throw the ball at them and they must dodge it to stay in the game. It will be the turn of the opposing team to get the ball and throw it at you and your other members, and so on. The team who eliminated all of their opponents first wins the game!


9. Telephone

Forget your smartphone and play this quite a traditional exciting game. Telephone is a childhood game that you can still play as an adult in the wilderness, making it more exciting and liberating. The game master will tell you and the opposing member a message that you need to relay. You will then start to whisper the message into your team member’s ear, and that team member will whisper and pass it along to the next team member and so on. The last person will then yell out the message they heard. The team who was able to say the correct message or gets the most points win!


10. Pass the Water

This is a water game with an exciting twist. You need cups for each player. Fill the cup full of the first person in line, then he/she will pass or dump the water over his/her into the next person in line. Players should continue doing that. If there’s water still, the first person runs to the back of the line to continue and then the next and so on until the water runs out or until the timer stops. The team who passes the water overhead many times until it ran out or the team who still has more amount of water left after the timer wins.  


11. Obstacle Camping Course

This fun, exhilarating, and physically challenging game will definitely pump you. You can create whatever sets of obstacles and challenges you want, that you think can be done on the camping grounds. You can make something like doing 10 air squats, then crawling under the table, running towards the next post to pop three water balloons, then doing 5 pushups, then walking to the next while there’s a cup filled with water on top of your head, and so on. Be creative on your obstacles course and let the camping fun begin!

 woman doing an obstacle course


12. Drunk Cards 

This game will definitely crack everyone out. The drunk card game is an easy, quick, hilarious, and fun icebreaker wherein you draw a card, follow what’s written, or else, you will drink, probably until you get drunk. It’s an exciting, more than the usual drinking game that you and your friends can play in the camp.

Ready your beer and other beverages with your cooler or your wine and put them in portable wine bag wine cubby for the game.


Always keep an open mind of what other things you can incorporate on your camping escapade. Your trip doesn’t have to be the usual, boring stuff. Shake things a bit to make it more exciting. You can also beat the heat with these cool summer activities. Put your phones down, enjoy the outdoors, share your stories, and play some games!