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The Best Winter Outdoor Workouts

If you’re an active outdoor person who can’t live without staying fit, having to workout, and going to the gym, then the winter season offers a multitude of activities for people like you. Workout comes in different exercises and activity, and not just the usual “gym exercises” you know. As long as you physically work your body out, that’s a workout.

Here are the best winter outdoor workouts to keep you active and your body in shape even in cold temperatures.



snow running

Running can be done indoors and in cold outdoors. It’s a perfect cardio exercise that will keep burning calories for a long time. This will let you achieve a stronger heart and more toned legs. It’s amazing to see the beautiful snow-covered landscape while running in cold weather. Be careful since it can be slippery on the road so wear Running Shoes that has great traction.


Ice Hockey

ice hockey

The exciting yet body-conditioning ice hockey can be enjoyed by both your family and friends. Those who live in a colder climate has more advantage to play this game and burn calories. With the proper gears and people who are fed up just sitting around all day can work their core and legs out with this. Be sure to wear the Best Thermal Socks to keep your feet toasty and comfy even when playing games.


Snowball Fights

snowball fight

You’re off to a good start when you do snowball fights every now and then. This fun, friendly cardio game is considered a great winter outdoor workout targeting the arms, legs, and core. It will excite every single one who plays, runs around, and throws snowball to their opponents.




Pulling the sled with a rope across the snow, hopping on, and sledding down the hill is an incredibly exciting winter outdoor workout for both kids and adults. It strengthens your core, upper and lower body, builds stamina, and creates bonding between children and parents. Make sure to wear proper Winter Gear to keep yourself warm even when outdoors.



winter hiking

Most outdoor enthusiasts love hiking, especially in winter. Prep your Winter Hiking Boots, gears, backpack, and spend your afternoon walking uphill, burning calories, and enjoying the view. You can check the Best Hiking Trails in Alaska if you plan to travel across the state and experience the real winter hike.


Mountain Climbing

mountain climbing

Mountain climbing in the winter is challenging, requiring you to be athletic. This improves your strength, stamina, core, and builds your muscles. The beauty of this outdoor workout lies when you get to reach the summit and witness the wonderful mountainous, snow-filled views.


Pull Ups 

pull ups

Aside from the gym, you can find a playground with pull up or monkey bars and do pull-ups. This will build a stronger core, back, biceps, and forearm size and strength. Don’t forget to wear your Insulated Winter Gloves to have a safer and more comfortable pulling and gripping of the bars.




This killer winter workout will shake your legs and back muscles from traversing the thick snow on the slopes. This makes you run out of breath but burns about 500 calories faster. Go ask your buddies for this extremely popular activity and get fit after the holiday gains.


Ice Skating

ice skating

Ice skating on the rinks through the winter is a fun sport and exercise that burns about 600 calories in an hour. It improves your endurance, balance, and quads, and continuously shed the holiday gains off.


Walking The Dog

walking the dogs

Probably the least stressful yet one of the best winter outdoor workouts is walking your dog. The mere fact that dogs lower your stress hormone levels and keep you fuzzy, they boost your mood wanting you to stay active and brisk walk for a longer time.


There may be too many people in the gym this season and you want to do something different with your exercise routine. Slacking around, keeping cozy all day won’t burn your holiday gains and let you achieve that fit body you wanted. You should continue to stay active and physically healthy even in winter especially if you’re used to the outdoors and working out.