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Family Camping While on a Budget

Vacations and trips are where family bond strengthens and fun memories are made. You know, though, that they can take a toll on your budget, too. When you start your own family, change in expenses will come into play. As your family grows, your budget for the whole lot is affected. Spending wisely on necessary items is a top priority especially if you’re earning on an average. Sometimes, you have to set aside some activities, such as family trips, because it may be out of the budget. It’s understandable that you have to be thrifty, but there are times, like during spring and summer, when the whole family, most especially the kids, look forward to outdoor adventures.

Camping is your solution. Probably you can spare something for a family camping. Think of it as an investment in bonding with the whole gang and a fresher experience out of home and work. You then need to plan on when and where to camp, and what things to bring. Remember, you are still on a budget, so you have to be practical on your trip.

We are here to teach you ways on how to camp with the family while on a budget.


Camping Equipment

It is worth investing in great camping equipment. But, if you have a family and is on a budget, I guess tweaking a bit won’t be so bad after all. You just have to know how to bend it without compromising too much on the whole camping experience. You don’t have to buy every camping gear out there, because you won’t be needing some of them. Take a look at the camping checklist to see which you may need without having to spend a lot. Saving bucks is our priority, with that, try to look around your house and see if there are some old but still working equipment you can use for camping. You can also bring some of your kitchen cookware and cutleries to camping if you plan to cook.

camping tent

Another way is to borrow camping equipment from your relatives or friends since you won’t be using them often. This won’t just save you some cash, but also get to know if you’d want to buy them in the future. Since you are a family, you can share stuff like a family or 4-person camping tent and outdoor picnic blanket.


Camping Food

You all look forward not only to camping activities but also to eating. Outdoors won’t be complete without food, but that doesn’t mean your whole family should spend a lot on it. Bringing your own food and drinks on your camping trip is always a must in camping. Stop relying on stops, fast foods, and service stations as they are double the price than grocery stores or supermarkets. You should plan what food to prepare for the trip. You can grocery shop for the food essentials like canned foods, bread, energy bars, instant coffee, water bottles, marshmallows, nachos and chips, easy-to-prep soup, sausages, burger patties, fruits, and veggies.

Prepare sandwiches and pick foods that are ready-to-eat or quick to heat on a campfire or a gas burner. Or you can cook over the campfire to save on burner fuel. You’ll also save some money and gas for the burner, if you’ll use one, when you cook big meals for all, instead of multiple small meals. If your family is quite adventurous, then you can go for fishing, scavenging for seafood, picking fruits or berries around you. Make sure you know that they’re edible before you serve them.

 food by the campfire

Camping Activities

Spending money just to have fun in your camping activity is a no-no. Nothing can beat a bit of imagination and adventure to make your kids enjoy the camp. Cooking by the campfire need not be tedious. Let them help you prepare and cook some sausages and s’mores. Be interested in the natural wonders surrounding your campground. You can go exploring the woods, hiking nearby mountains, building rafts, fishing, and swimming by the waters. Go sightseeing and bird watching and stare at the stars at night. Get their moods hyped by singing songs and jamming with a guitar. Don’t forget to bring your playing cards and boards as well. Story-telling around the campfire is much appreciated.

 cooking on the campfire

Camping Place

The location and date of your camping trip can affect your budget. You should be smart about where and when to go to save some cash. You can look for camping grounds with basic facilities so you won’t have to go somewhere to pay separately for that. Camping on public holidays a big no as campgrounds prices can go up and get booked quickly. Camping in national parks have entrance fees, so they add up to your expenses. Instead, research on other amazing places, such as the wilderness if you’re up for it, that you can explore and camp for free. Don’t travel too far from your hometown that would require you to eat up hours of gas and food. An hour or two tops away is okay.


Camping Saving Tricks

Aside from the tips mentioned above, there are some hacks that you can beforehand if you’re planning for a family camping but just don’t have the budget for it. For your birthday or Christmas gift exchange, you can put in some camping equipment or gears on your wish list. Start a camping fund months before your intended camping trip. Tell your kids and partner to save up every day, every week, or every month for your camping trip. You can tell them your camping plans, possible expenses, what to buy, and where to go to have an idea on what to expect and how much to save.

 camp in the woods

Camping on a budget may be overwhelming. So, start off by planning on where and when to go and what to bring. You don’t need to do all of the budget tips, choose some that you know your family can tolerate and implement a few. You’ll be amazed by how much you are able to save because of that. Plus, your whole family get to keep more fun memories.