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How To Have A Perfect Winter Outdoor Picnic

Winter has come and you’re looking out the window wondering what to do this season. One perfect way to spend the outdoors is by going on a winter picnic. You may think it’s quite challenging, but that’s the beauty of this experience.

Why should you go on an outdoor winter picnic? There are plenty of factors why you should go for it including a beautiful, cooler, snowy white scenery, fewer people, fewer pesky bugs, and plenty of space to set up and do what you want. Be sure to Prep and Keep Warm on the Winter Outdoors.

Here are some tips on how to have a perfect winter outdoor picnic.


Check The Weather and Picnic Ground

frozen picnic table

The very top of your list to do before you head out on a winter picnic is to check the weather condition and make sure that it’s safe to stay on your chosen picnic ground. Watch out if there’s a storm coming, the road or route is passable, and if the picnic area is free of danger from the ice. You should also check if there are available restrooms, fire pit, picnic tables, and other amenities that you may need.


Wear Appropriate Warm Clothing

family wearing winter clothes

It’s pretty obvious that you need to keep yourself warm, snug, and comfortable before you head out. It’s going to be a freezing picnic venture, so make sure your whole body, from head to toe, is covered with the most insulated clothing that you can find and that they are all dry. Put on your best Headwear (also for women), hats, Base Layers (also for women), Scarves, Hooded Winter Jackets, mittens or Insulated Gloves, pants, layers of Thick Thermal Socks, Winter Boots (also for women) and more layers to keep you extra warm on your cold, white picnic.


Bring Essential Picnic Stuff and Winter Gears

SmartFlip bamboo picnic table

You have put on your warm outfit and almost heading out. Now, it’s time to prep other items and gears that may be valuable during your winter picnic. Bring with you a sturdy, portable and folding outdoor table for your outdoor essentials. Go pack the SmartFlip Portable Folding Bamboo Table if you don’t want to use those snow-filled picnic tables. You can place our Premium Fleece Picnic Blanket on top to keep your picnic table and items cold-free, Flashlights or Lanterns in case it gets dark, Fire Starters for the fire pit, bottles of water, tissue paper, lip balm for your dry lips, and a garbage bag to dispose of your trash.


Pack Warm Food, Snacks, and Drinks

hot chocolate with marshmallows in the mug

Probably the best thing about going on a picnic is the food. There may be a lot on your mind on what foods to pack but you should pick those that are easier to pack and consume, will keep you warm, and is better to eat when the weather is cold. Sandwiches, potato salads, cookies, granola bars, nuts, and dried fruits are a perfect example wherein you can eat them cold. You may wrap them in a foil or place them in an Insulated Foldable Picnic Basket to keep them warm for a couple of hours. You should also pack some delicious roasted vegetables, warm bite-sized muffins, and mac and cheese. Hot soup, chili, casserole, and vegetable or beef stew (paired with crusty bread) placed in a Thermos would be ideal meals to warm your tummy and heart. If you plan to heat some hotdogs, coffee, hot cocoa (topped with marshmallows), and your chili, then you can bring a Portable Cooking Stove, and enjoy indulging on your warm meal the alfresco dining way on a beautiful chilly day. A drink that can also warm your body is by bringing your favorite alcohol beverage or wine using a WineCubby Foldable Wine Bag.


Do Some Winter Activities

snowball fighting

Aside from eating your delicious warm foods and having conversations during your winter picnic, you can also have a blast by hiking nearby to witness the magnificent surrounding snowscape, building a snowman, an igloo, or an ice fort with your kids, playing snowball fight or touch-base with your family, or sledding on a nearby hill. Whatever activity that is, as long as you have fun while staying warm by moving around and being physically active.


One of the best ways to enjoy the winter season is by going on an outdoor picnic. Make sure to wear insulated clothing, bring proper gears and foods to keep you and everyone warm and protected, and enjoy what the place has to offer.