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How To Prep and Keep Warm For The Winter Outdoors

Snow-capped mountains, pine trees, alpine lake, clear sky, white surroundings, and the cold weather, these are just some of the many wonderful things to see. Before you go out and experience the winter outdoors, make sure you’re prepared and equipped necessary to keep you insulated.

Create a more comfortable winter adventure by following these tips on how to prep and keep warm for the winter outdoors.


Check Weather Conditions

This is always a must before going out. Better be safe and ready for extreme temperatures when you have travel and outdoor activity plans. Watch out for hazards, trail closures, and recent weather changes to know what routes to take.


Wear Several Layers

This is on top of everyone’s list when going outdoors in winter. You must dress in several layers of clothing from Base Layers to sweaters to vests to Outdoor Jackets, to keep you insulated all throughout. Besides, you can adjust or remove some layers if you’re active and feeling too warm.

man wearing layers of clothes

Avoid Tight Fitting Clothes

Make sure that in the process of keeping yourself warm, you’re not restricting the blood flow to your arms and feet. In short, avoid wearing tight-fitting clothes, socks, gloves, and underwear.


Keep Your Head, Neck, Hands, and Feet Warm

Your body has layers of clothing. So, the next thing to do is to protect the remaining parts from cold starting off with your head with a Headwear or hat, your neck with Scarves, your hands with Winter Gloves, and your feet with thick Thermal Socks.

man wearing head wear and scarf

Keep Yourself Dry

One of the most uncomfortable feelings, when it’s cold, is when your skin is wet from water or sweat or your damp clothes are sticking to your body. It gives you more chills on the cold, winter day. Wear fabrics that wick sweat away and those that are waterproof, and wipe your damp skin with a Quick Drying Microfiber Towel.


Carry A Backpack

Pretty sure you all bring one whenever you go camping, backpacking, or hiking. The main purpose of bringing a Backpack is to store your valuables, extra clothes, food, and other items. Carrying one will also add to warmth provision especially while walking.

hiker carrying a backpack

Bring An Insulated Sleeping Pad

Cold ground can hugely affect your sleep quality when outdoors. Make your winter camping sleep more comfortable and warmer by bringing an Insulated Sleeping Pad. It’s also perfect to bring a Premium Outdoor Blanket.


Reduce Ambient Space In Your Tent

In this case, the more the merrier is the way to keep you warm. Pack your tent with all your stuff around the perimeter, and as many people as possible without compromising the comfort of individual space.

tent on the snowy ground

Use Hot Water Bottle To Warm Up

In this cold weather, it feels really good when you place something warm on your body. Put warm to hot (not boiling) water in a Glass Bottle, wrap it on a towel, and heat different areas of your body such as your neck and back of it, inner thigh, and core. It will keep your blood flowing that will help elevate your body temperature.


Munch on High-Calorie Snacks

During winter, it’s okay not to always follow your healthy eating plans. This time, you’ll be needing high-calorie foods, carbs, fats, and sugars to keep your internal fire burning. Bet on your energy and protein bars, chocolates, cheese, nuts, dried fruits, and sandwiches with meat to fuel your body with long-lasting energy. That means you also have to eat more to replace the burned calories during winter outdoor ventures. Eat your snacks as soon as you feel hungry or fatigue to keep you going.

chocolates with nuts

Indulge in Foods That Will Keep You Warm

Aside from eating high-calorie foods, you can heat and indulge in delicious hot soups, fresh coffee, relaxing tea, and zesty, spicy foods on your picnic, camping, or backpacking trip to help warm your body.


Move Around

Layers of clothing and food help you in keeping your body warm. Another way to induce heat if you’re not climbing, hiking, or backpacking is by being physically active. Moving or walking around your camping, searching for areas, getting some woods for the campfire, or playing games are just some of the activities you can do that would generate heat in your body. Remember though to take a break when you’re tired and avoid cooling or sweating off as much as possible.

man hiking

Feel The Heat From The Sun

During summer, you would seek shade from the prickly heat of the Sun. This winter, embrace the warm sunshine when the sun comes out.


Winter can be a great season to go outdoors. You just have to prep the necessary things to keep you safe and warm.