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Popular Co-Living and Co-Working Spaces and other Resources for Digital Nomads

If you love to travel but still want to be productive at work, we have a few recommendations from our readers about how this can be done. Below is a list of businesses that assist you in your adventures around the world by providing you co-working, co-living, or both.

Companies you travel with that take care of booking your travels from spot to spot


  • Remote Year - Choose traveling lengths of 4 months or 12 months
  • Hacker Paradise - A good focus on professional development
  • Be Unsettled - "Live anywhere, one month at a time", is their slogan
  • Pangea 196 - Also 4 or 12 months. 1600 Initial Fee + 1600 per month. Cheaper than Remote Year.
  • WiFly Nomads - Teaches and trains you on the digital nomad lifestyle
  • Wifi Tribe - Smaller, more intimate vibe. At least that's how it is promoted.

Flexible Co-Living spaces (Book when and where you want to live in Europe, Asia, North / Central / South America and more)

co-living spaces

  • Outsite - San Diego, LA, NYC, SF, Austin, Indonesia, Portual, Hawaii, Costa Rica, and more
  • Roam - SF, Bali, Miami, Tokyo London
  • Selina - Costa Rica, Panama, Mexico, Colombia, Equador, Peru, Portugal and more
  • The Student Hotel - Amsterdam, Barcelona, Dresden, Florence, Paris, Rotterdam and more
  • Nomad House - Vietnam, Indonesia
  • Sun and Co. - Spain
  • AngkorHUB - Cambodia

Co-Working spaces. When you know where you will be staying and just need a place to focus on your work.

co-working spaces