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Tips in Looking Your Best for Your Outdoor Adventures

Traveling long hours on the road can be exhausting, making you look tired and messy. What more once you go out and be on an adventure, that’ll make you look worse. You might not look your best; hence can make you feel uncomfortable. You should dress up for your outdoor adventures and be confident. Your look and swag can even make you attractive.

If you lack ideas on how to look your best for your outdoor adventures, here are a couple of tips you can follow to look dope.


Know Your Destination

You should know the place you are going. Why? Because that will determine what clothes you’ll be wearing and what stuff to bring. If you’re traveling on a rough terrain or a place with lots of bugs and itchy plants you may want to bring and wear breathable cover-ups.

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Dress For The Climate or Weather

The climate of the place affects greatly what kind of clothes you’ll be wearing. With today’s tech, you can check the weather app for the most possible weather prediction in the area. If it’s rainy, pack your jackets or raincoats, sunny and warm then wear something lighter and cut down layers, cold or windy then add more layers plus a headwear to protect your whole body.


Dress For Comfort And Style

After knowing the destination and weather in that place, it’s time to pick what outfit makes you bring out your personality and being comfortable but not forgetting about style. When you go outdoors, you want to be engaged with the nature making you feel free and happy. You don’t have to sacrifice your personal style to be comfortable. When you open your closet or shopping for clothes, find pieces that would let you effectively walk farther and endure activities for long.

 man on the edge comfort and style clothes

Pick Your Favorite Outfit

After picking the comfortable and stylish ones, it’s time to choose your favorite outfits. Choosing some of your favorites will help you feel more confident when traveling and doing activities. Pick neutral colors, such as black or navy, or light colors such as white.


Accessorize Yourself

Wearing comfortable, stylish clothes on your travel is enough, but if you want to up your game, then maybe put on some accessories such as waterproof watches, sunglasses, a fitting headwear, and outdoor gloves.


Choose Lightweight and Wrinkle-Free Fabrics

Go for loose not baggy, lightweight, breathable cloths to make you comfortable all day long. Synthetic and polyester fabrics are good choices, especially during outdoor activities when you want to wick away the moisture.

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Wear The Right Outdoor Shirt

Outdoor shirts will make your adventures worthwhile and in control of what happens to you during extreme activities, especially ones that wicks sweat away.


Wear Outdoor Shorts or Outdoor Pants

Outdoor shorts will make you feel more comfortable and freer to move around while outdoor pants will serve more protection for your lower body. Both are stylish though, but it all depends on you, the terrain and weather.


Pick Some Fresh Outdoor Underwear

This is not a laughing matter, but there’s quite a humor to it. Seriously, you want to stay down there fresh all day since you won’t have much time to change your undies during the day, or do you even?


Bring The Best Backpack

Make sure your backpack can hold all your extra clothes, food, and stuff. It should also look stylish for the outdoors.

 hiking backpack

Choose Your Footwear

Grab a pair of shoes or boots comfortable enough to endure activities and go well with your style. Try not to wear brand new shoes on your adventure trip to avoid blisters and tearing them at first use. Wear socks so your feet don’t get cold, to protect it, and keeps you fresh. Choose socks that wick away moisture. 


Always Stay Hydrated

Staying hydrated during the trip or adventure is a must. It will help you look and feel refreshed.

bottle of water 

Eat Healthy Meals or Snacks

It’s often easier to grab on junk and fast foods. The truth is, they won’t help you feel and look your best. Try to prep healthy meals and snack, such as sandwiches, fruits, sliced veggies, nuts and seeds for your trip.


Freshen Up

Wipe your face with wet towel to remove dirt and oil. Freshen your breath by brushing your teeth, chewing on mint. Reapply deodorant if needed and spritz some cologne to smell cool and fresh all day.


Make Use of Your Down Time

Sleep in the car while on the road to make you look and feel refreshed when you reach your destination. Take time to rest, relax, and enjoy the beautiful scenery during your down time from hiking, backpacking, or camping.

 relaxing on the grass

Wear A Smile

There’s nothing more looking your best than wearing that pleasing smile of yours even in strenuous activities. Helps you to look friendly and better on the camera.


Going outdoors doesn’t mean you always have to be rugged. A lot of us still wants to look awesome. You can put on style, your own style, and flaunt yourself to everyone. Like what they say, you have to look your best in every situation. There’s no shame in that.