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What Should Be In Your Outdoor Survival Kit

We have heard a lot of awful and stressful stories of people who got lost, stuck, and were in an emergency situation while in the wilderness. They were trying to survive and get out. Some of them might not have foreseen what could happen so they weren’t equipped with the survival tools needed. If you’re a camper, backpacker, or hiker, then worry not, because carrying the right items at all times will save you from outdoor distress.

The important question is, what should be in your outdoor survival kit to make you ready and keep you going while in the middle of it all?



backpack in the woods

Your backpack is filled with the necessary stuff and outdoor survival paraphernalia. That’s why you must always bring the Best Osprey Hiking Camping Backpack whenever you go out in the wild.


Warm Outdoor Jackets

wearing warm jacket outdoors

This is a no-brainer as you definitely need to bring something that will keep you warm especially in the middle of the woods, in cool weather, or at night. Pack or wear a Warm Outdoor Jacket so you won’t suffer from hypothermia and prevent chills.


First Aid Kit

first aid kit

First Aid Kits are not only at home or in the car, instead you should bring one when camping, backpacking, or hiking. It usually includes bandages, gauzes, gloves, sterilized tissues, antibacterial solutions, scissors, micropore, and more. You can add your personal medications, ointment, and painkillers. You never know what injuries might occur while camping or hiking, so better be ready to survive the situation.  


Portable Water Filter

portable water filter

Water is the single most important thing to bring when going outdoors. You can survive without food but not water for three days. The truth is you can’t bring gallons of water with you while on a walking or hiking journey in the wilds, so you need to find other sources such as the streams or rivers. You can’t be sure how safe the water is as you might get tummy sick afterward, so better use a Portable Water Filter.  


Water Bottles

water bottle on the wood

It’s vital to drink water before, during, and after your trip to the wilderness. Never leave yourself anything to drink, so bring your own water and put them in reliable Water Bottles. You can also contain the filtered water using your emptied bottles.


Portable Battery Charger

portable battery charging phone

Don’t let your phone‘s juice dies down especially when in the middle of the woods. You never know when you’ll need to call someone in cases of emergency. Pack the Best Portable Battery Charger (Power Bank) to charge your battery-hungry cellular device.


Fire Starter

fire starter

Starting a fire in the wild can be a hassle especially if you don’t have the right tools and you need to survive in the cold. Fire Starters are not only for heating the food, but it’s effective in creating fire, which can give you heat, avoid hypothermia, fend off some wild animals, and can even send a signal in cases you need assistance.


Multi-Tool Pocket Knife

multi-tool pocket knife

If you want to increase your chances of surviving in the woods, then you need to include a high-quality Multi-Tool Pocket Knife in your outdoor survival kit. A true outdoor survival expert owns one because it is needed for hunting, cutting, opening something, or even defending oneself from danger.


GPS, Compass, and Local Map

compass by the falls

Always equip yourself with navigating and locating tools such as a reliable GPS, Compass, and local area map. These devices can lead you way back to safety. Be sure to learn how to read a map, use a compass and a GPS device.


Emergency Whistle

emergency whistle

Your voice might not be enough and can get you tired, but a couple of easy blows to this lightweight tool can send alert and may save you in cases of emergency or being lost in the wild. That’s why it’s so important to carry an Emergency Whistle as part of your outdoor survival kit whenever you go traversing the woods or mountains.


Signal Mirror

signal mirror heliograph

Aside from an emergency whistle, you can use a Signal Mirror (Heliograph) to save you from distress when stuck in the middle of the forest. This compact, lightweight tool can effectively reflect light and send a signal to others even at long distances.




Tying yourself and other bulky stuff, climbing steep spots, hunting, and fishing, or dragging something, you surely need a High-Quality Cordage to survive the situation.




It’s terrifying to be in the dark in the middle of unfamiliar territory. It can be super dark in the woods at night so be sure to pack a lightweight High Lumen  Flashlight.


Energy Bars / Snacks

chocolate bar

Last but not least, pack some high-calorie energy bars or snacks like chocolates, nuts, or dried fruits to keep you up, alert, and going. You need the energy to endure whatever situation you’re in.


It may be your usual camping, backpacking, or hiking trip, but never know when an emergency situation strikes. Always be ready and pack these essentials as part of your outdoor survival kit.