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The WineCubby: Bring your Wine with You Everywhere

Although you can easily use and recycle cardboard wine bottles, you might prefer to use a foldable, reusable wine bag instead.  This is something you can use again and again for any outdoor activity.  Whether you would like to go to a summer festival, or camping, or backpacking, or hiking, a foldable wine bag will have you covered.  Pratico Good’s WineCubby is perfect for any on-the-go wine lovers.  Once you’re done, you can just give your wine bag a rinse and fold it until the next outdoor activity.

Wine To-Go Without Hassle

Compared to glass, WineCubby is easier to transport and use.  It is easy to fill it with wine.  There are no detrimental effects.  You do not have to bring the wine along with you.  You can go camping, hiking, fishing, hunting, picnics, snowmobiling, concerns, hunting, skiing - and you can bring your favorite wine with you.  This is the best choice for carrying your wine with you.

Wine To-Go Without HasslePratico Outdoors’ WineCubby is foldable and reusable. It will let you store up to 750 ml of wine.  That is equal to a full bottle.  With this nifty product, you do not have to worry bulky glass bottles again.  You can bring your wine to any place where glass is not allowed.

The product features a unique wine leaf and bottle shape design which appears when you fill up the bag with your favorite vino.  You can bring the bag anywhere you want.  Since it is made from BPA-free food grade plastic, it doesn’t develop bad odors.

It has a collapsible funnel which makes it easy to fill and refill the bag without creating any mess.  They come in 3 different colors.  You do not have to worry about unsteady hands as well.  You do not have to worry about messy transport.  You can avoid messes.  The product comes with a carrying case which holds the WineCubby, so you can protect it against spills.

Why Choose the WineCubby?

Perfect for Carrying Wine When Traveling
Perfect for Carrying Wine When Traveling
This product is the best way to transport wine if you are going on a trip and you would like to bring your favorite wine with you.  Bringing wine can be messy and risky.  If you pack it, your clothing may end up fermented in wine as your bags roll off the baggage claim.  Airlines frown at this practice as well.  This soft-side pack is a great way to bring your favorite wine bottle when traveling.

Bring Wine to No-Glass-or-Bottle-Allowed Places

If you are a wine lover and that could be an issue when you go to parks, pools or events where bottles and glasses are not allowed.  Additionally, bottles can be bulky and they can make your bag or picnic basket a whole lot heavier.  This foldable and reusable wine bag will allow you to carry your favorite vino anywhere you go without spillage or breakage.

Doesn’t Live Bad Odors

You can use the WineCubby to carry other drinks as well.  It doesn’t always have to be wine.  You can premixed margaritas and store them in the bag.  When you need to use it for something else, you can just rinse the bag with warm water.  You will be impressed that the product wouldn’t retain any color or scent.  This is perfect for anyone who loves to go on picnics, visit the beach or do outdoor activities.

Enjoy Your Wine in More Outdoor Activities

Enjoy Your Wine in More Outdoor ActivitiesA bottle of wine is not something you can bring when canoeing, rafting or other similar outdoor activities.  With WineCubby, you can enjoy your bottle of wine every time you go canoeing or rafting.  In fact, you can bring with you the content of an entire bottle!  The bag won’t leak at all.  It comes with a pouch that holds it.  The wine bag is sturdy enough that you would be able to pour a glass of wine without it collapsing on you.

A Great Addition to Your Wine Collection

This foldable bag is a great addition to your wine collection. The packaging is phenomenal.  It includes a wine bag, a carrying case and a funnel.  You can test a white wine with the plastic funnel, and you would find that it wouldn’t alter the taste of the wine inside.  Once the wine is depleted, you can just rinse and reuse the bag.  You could test the red wine as well, and you would find that the wine won’t cause stain as well.

What Do People Say About It?

This is great for picnics, camping, and sporting events. Really anywhere you don't want to worry about glass. It is no very 'invisible' so to speak, not like a flask for whine by any means. It does hold a full regular sized bottle and the funnel it comes with is very handy. Just don't expect to use this somewhere where you shouldn't be drinking, because it’s too large to conceal. Also right out of the package it has an odd 'extra thick plastic' smell...we washed ours like 3 times and let it air out before use and it didn't flavor the wine at all. – Amazon Buyer

This has everything you need to transfer wine from a wine bottle to this wine bag. It even has a carrying case which gives it double protection. I love that it comes with funnel that folds up so you can easily transfer the wine. The wine bag holds 750ml of wine which is the standard size. It is BPA free and the plastic is thick. The carrying case is a Ziploc type bag and it is thinner. Great to have for camping or outdoor events where bringing wine in a plastic container is better than bringing a glass bottle of wine. - Farrah

Where Can I Get a WineCubby?

Get your own WineCubby here.