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You have your favorite piece of clothing. You wear a different piece on different occasions and seasons. You even wear one when you go backpacking, hiking or camping. Whichever outdoor activity you pursue, for sure you would want to wear something that is fitting for your adventure.

Then there is this piece of clothing that most men definitely have, and that is an outdoor jacket. Why is it essential for you to have one? For starters, it can serve as your body’s first line of defense from the harsh environment, from the rain, mud and dirt, and from insects and itchy plants when you go to the woods. But it is the outdoors, a reason why men go out is to seek thrill from the nature and to get rough and dirty. If that is so, then you still need and want to have a reliable jacket for insulation from the cold weather, for protection from sun’s rays when you go hiking and also for comfort and style. Yes, men should also have style even when going on a dirty and sweaty adventure.

Now where can you find the best outdoor jacket? Below, we have listed five (5) of the best men’s outdoor jackets that you can find on Amazon, which can provide comfort, give you style and is probably right for your budget.


Wantdo Men's Waterproof Mountain Jacket

  • Perfect for cold, warm and windy weather conditions
  • It has many pockets
  • Has enough space to wear few layers of clothes underneath
  • Breast pocket big enough to put in large phones
  • Good fleece and elastic waist band for added comfort
  • Some customers complained of inferior stitching and ripping
  • Poor zipper quality
  • Not really waterproof

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  • Fits perfectly, not baggy, not too tight
  • Material is soft and comfortable to wear
  • Great for warmth
  • It’s lightweight
  • Not easily stained
  • Color doesn’t look exactly like the ones in the photos
  • Terrible stitching according to some customers
  • Pockets rips from the inside after washing
  • Keeps you dry and warm in cold, rainy and windy days
  • Snaps are well-attached
  • Sufficient amount of internal and external pockets
  • An affordable waterproof jacket
  • Has good ventilation to keep you from sweating a lot
  • Material not durable enough
  • Zipper quality is low and breaks after few uses
  • Some complained of the size being too big or small for them
  • It is lightweight
  • Great protection against the rain and wind
  • Fits well, not too noisy or too bulky
  • Velcro and hood are adjustable
  • Nice quality for a great value for money
  • Zippers won’t zip well
  • Some complained of bad sizing, either too big or too small
  • Not breathable so you end up soaked in sweat

  • Lightweight, easy to pack and carry
  • High quality used for a more affordable price
  • Perfect for cold weather
  • Looks stylish
  • Fits well and doesn’t feel bulky
  • Others complained of feathers coming out of the jacket
  • Bottom of the jacket a bit tight when pulled down
  • Zippers hard to zip up