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9 Incredibly Fun Children's Tents That Will Get Your Kid Camping

Camping and nature tripping is a popular activity with working adults who wish to escape the hustle and bustle of the city. However, younger kids who are typically stuck with their gadgets and are used to the comforts of modern living may not take as much interest in the outdoors as much as their parents who are looking to decompress in a greener, more natural setting. 

Oftentimes we find ourselves having to drag our kids out of the house just to get them to come along for an outdoor trip. If this sounds a lot like you and your child, then what you should do is give them something to get excited about. 

One thing that’s usually a hit with younger children are spaces where they can play house. Tents often pique their interest so a cute or cool kids tent will surely be difficult for them to resist, especially if it has a super eye-catching design or is adorned with their favorite characters. 

Kids tents are a lot cheaper than regular tents and you can also use them indoors as a sort of a playhouse, so if you’re a parent with a young child, you have every reason to pick one up. If you don't have an idea yet on what design to get, here are 9 of our top picks from Amazon that will sure get your kids want to go camping.

Monobeach Princess Tent with Star Lights Toy

With a magical Disney Princess-esque vibe, this gazebo-type kids tent will surely capture the heart of your little girl. The battery-powered star lights toy comes included, making this princess tent perfect for a glamping night indoor or outdoors.    
Compliments Complaints
  • Easy to put together
  • Looks very adorable especially with the lights
  • Bigger than most princess tents
  • Affordable
  • Arrived with no star lights
  • A bit too airy and open for outdoor use
  • Has some quality issues, some beams were bent and would not fit together


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TTLOJ 3pc Outer Space Kids Play Tent Crawl Tunnel and Ball Pit with Basketball Hoop

Is your toddler going to grow up to be an astronaut or an NBA star? Why not both? This space-themed tent that comes with a tunnel and mini ball pit will surely keep your younger kid happy and occupied while you relax and enjoy nature for yourself.  
Compliments Complaints
  • Easy to set up, just pops right out
  • Can hold around 200 to 300 balls
  • Design is really nice and cute
  • Quite large, good for ages 2 to 7
  • Doesn't come with the balls
  • Ball pit only opens and closes with Velcro
  • A bit flimsy, material is not as tough
  • A customer got an item with holes that got bigger after a few hours of play


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USA Toyz Rocket Ship Pop Up Kids Tent with Projector Toy

Another one for the aspiring astronaut who loves going on space adventures in a pretend rocket, this popup tent even comes with a neat projector flashlight that can project stars and even images in the inside of the tent!  

Compliments Complaints
  • Easy to assemble
  • The space torch projector was really cool
  • Seller was really polite and helpful, even sends out replacements
  • Received and item with bad stitches, but seller replaced it
  • Came with no instructions
  • Poles were not symmetrical
  • One pole pocket was missing, one had a hole
  • Fell apart after 2 months


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W&O Jungle Adventure Kids Tent with Jungle Call Button

This is for the budding wildlife expert who won't get tired of watching The Lion King. While it is shaped just like a normal pop-up play tent, the nifty Jungle Call button is sure to give you and your kid moments of excitement while camping!
Compliments Complaints
  • Kids love the Roar Button
  • Nice, colorful design
  • Pops up easily
  • Convenient to carry around
  • Got an incorrect tent from the seller
  • Materials are flimsy
  • Button was not included
  • Button did not work


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Space World Play Tent-Kids Galaxy Dome

If your space-loving kid is already too big for the rocket ship tent, this one is the perfect alternative. The tents realistic stars and planets print will make you and your kid feel like you're drifting off in space as you sleep.  
Compliments Complaints
  • Somewhat spacious, could fit 4 kids
  • Has a air space at the top to cool the inside
  • The design is really nice
  • Customer got injured because of the splintered poles
  • Fiberglass pole is not as sturdy
  • Instructions are hard to understand


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Clubhouse Green Kids Play Tent

Remeber those days when we used to build forts and put up signs "No boys/girls/adults allowed!"? Kids nowadays probably won't get the chance to build their own fort in the woods from scratch, but that doesn't mean they can't get to play clubhouse when you go camping. This mini clubhouse tent 
Compliments Complaints
  • Looks super cute
  • Even kids can put it together
  • The tarp/canvas is durable
  • Good price for a play tent 
  • Poles are somewhat flimsy
  • Some orders came with pieces missing
  • Came broken but couldn't return it
  • A bit of a hassle to take apart
  • No clasps for the rods


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Fire Truck Play Tent/Crib bed

This one is for the brave little kids out there who have dreams of becoming a firefighter when they grow up. This pop up tent, which can also double as crib bed and a ball pit, set up and folds up easily, no poles needed.

Compliments Complaints
  • Can keep babies and toddlers contained
  • Easy to set up
  • Keeps kids entertained and busy
  • Great, inexpensive gift for kids who want to be firefighters
  • May need two separate cushions due to separator inside 
  • Might not be ideal to sleep in outdoors
  • Can easily blow away if not tied down


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The Original AirFort, Inflatable Fort for Kids (UFO)

The AirFort is the most unique kids tent on our list. This tent gives you the experience of being inside a giant balloon since it needs to be inflated to be set up. If you know the fun of making a blanket fort using a fan, well this is the version that you can set up outdoors. 
Compliments Complaints
  • Easy way to make a blanket fort, lots of fun for kids
  • Very beautiful, makes for a great gift
  • Easy to set up and tidy up
  • Works with any other fan
  • Needs a fan for it to work
  • Not really ideal for sleeping outdoors, has no floor
  • Can get very cold inside
  • Some of the stars don't glow
  • A bit pricey


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W&O Dinosaur Discovery Kids Tent with Roar Button


You'd be hard-pressed to find a kid who doesn't have a fascination for dinosaurs, so if your child is still in that phase, this is the tent to get get for them. This dino-tent which comes with its own Roar Button is perfect for chilling in while watching a Jurassic Park marathon on a projector! 

Compliments Complaints
  • Roar button is a hit with kids
  • Kids love the dinosaur design
  • Easy to set up and pack up
  • Good customer service
  • Came with a missing Roar button, another one played Christmas music
  • One customer got an incorrect item
  • Small tears tend to form in certain spots


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