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For travelers, adventure seekers, fitness and outdoor enthusiasts like you, backpacking is most probably one of the activities you enjoy doing. Just imagine the kind of freedom you experience whenever you go outdoors. You are away from home, from city noises, from demanding work and from stress. You are in one with nature, wonderful view, fresh air, rocky terrains, the music from the trees swaying, birds humming, the flow of the waters and the mountains. Those pieces of the wonderful Earth are good for your body, mind, and soul.

Of course, it is given that one of the must-haves in your camping, mountaineering or hiking trips are the outdoor packs. With it, you can put as many things as you like such as your extra clothes, packed food and water, toiletries, some outdoor gears, and many more. They are safe inside no matter how rough and wet the terrains are. The year 2019 will definitely bring you exciting ventures full of outdoor trips. On your adventures, you bring not only the enthusiasm of the new beginning and an excited soul, but also the essentials to be used on your trips. Good thing if you already have a reliable, quality backpack to put your things in, but what if you still don’t have one? How do you choose the best outdoor pack for your outdoor adventures ahead? You should opt for a pack that fits to your style, usability and budget.

We have gathered five of the top backpacking packs from Amazon to make your next outdoor experience more convenient and thrilling.

Venture Pal Lightweight Packable Backpack

  • Lightweight but can carry heavy items
  • Lots of pockets to keep things organized
  • Straps are solid and comfortable to carry.
  • Has a good airflow to avoid too much sweating
  • A great pack for a cheap price
  • The materials used were thin
  • Some customers complained of zippers not working properly.
  • Interior lining starts to peel off after some use.

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  • Big room to fit a 3L hydro pack
  • Comfortable to carry even when filled a heavy load (around 60 pounds)
  • Gives easy access to things needed because of the pockets and compartments
  • Great pack for a great price especially for beginners
  • Can strap outdoor gears outside the pack
  • It’s difficult to zip up
  • Too tall for a small person to carry.
  • Sleeping compartment is too small.
  • There are plenty of storage and pockets
  • Has high quality metal zippers for added security
  • Shoulder and hip straps have high density padding for comfort
  • Pack can fit even for big guys due to adjustable straps
  • A great bag for a great price
  • Not well designed for heavier loads
  • Sleeping bad section is not big enough
  • The straps tend to slip.
  • Small bag which provides room to fit more stuff
  • Lightweight but very sturdy and secure
  • A pack for unpredictable weather conditions
  • Side pockets are perfect for holding water bottles
  • Easy to clean
  • Has a thin fabric
  • Shows falling or tearing on the inside lining after some use
  • Shoulder straps are too flimsy for support.

  • A better choice for emergency or disaster bag
  • A lot of storage space and compartments
  • Ripstop material great for going off trails
  • Has adjustable and sturdy waist strap
  • It is a go-to long weekend travel bag
  • Be careful with zippers as they won’t close easily or they rip off
  • Straps are rough to wear
  • Needs more waterproofing