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Sleep is one of the most important things we do every single day. Lack of or oversleeping affects our mood, thus affects how we react to and do stuff for mostly the rest of the day. For us to have a good one, there are factors we have to consider such as the place we would sleep in, the people around us, the temperature, and what sleeping materials, like beds or pillows, are available.

Imagine going on a camping trip with your friends on a cool, fall season. Maybe not the most comfortable sleep you will have when bed time falls but sometimes, it’s just a matter of changing your perspective. You are going to be with your friends on an adventure out in the woods, sharing food and stories around the campfire when darkness falls. Things are going smooth and it’s going to be fun! But come nighttime, the question is how comfortable will you be despite being cold in the outdoors and will you have the proper sleep you need?

A solution for that would be to get the best sleeping bag that you can use outdoors; one that’s not only comfortable and cozy but will give you the quality sleep you need to face the next day with enthusiasm. Here to help you decide which one to get are some of the best bets on Amazon.

Coleman Brazos Cold Weather Sleeping Bag

Compliments  Complaints
  • Sleeping bag works with your own body heat
  • Durable and roomy enough
  • Comfortable and keeps you warm on very cold weather
  • Thick enough to provide a little extra padding
  • New zipper technology prevents it from catching any material
  • Tricot knit lining acts like Velcro trapping scratchy plant debris
  • Cheap, itchy, thin interior flannel material
  • Hard to get back in the carrying bag

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Abco Tech Sleeping Bag – Envelope Lightweight Portable, Waterproof, Comfort with Compression Sack

Compliments Complaints
  • Comfortable and roomy interior
  • Keeps you toasty warm on cold nights
  • Durable fabric that feels like it will last for years
  • Easy to get in and out of
  • Extra hood section to accommodate a pillow
  • Does not fully compress into the compression sack
  • Compression bag way too big and bulky
  • Not lightweight; not good for backpacking

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Sleepingo Double Sleeping Bag for Backpacking, Camping, Or Hiking

Compliments Complaints
  • Amazon's Choice for "double sleeping bag"
  • Extra large size; great for double sleeping
  • Lightweight and packs small
  • Zippers function very well without snags on loose fabric
  • Stuffs easily into the included compression sack, which is well designed
  • Some customers complain this is not a cold weather sleeping bag
  • Included pillows thin and flimsy

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Coleman North Rim Adult Mummy Sleeping Bag

Compliments Complaints
  • Lives up to its "cold-weather sleeping bag" name
  • Extremely warm, thick, and plush
  • Bag is snug around the head but not constricting
  • Keeps you comfortably warm in temperatures well below freezing
  • Plenty of room inside
  • Stuff sack a little too big for backpacking
  • Bulky sleeping bag
  • Difficult to put sleeping bag back in stuff sack

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TETON SPORTS Celsius XXL Sleeping Bag

Compliments Complaints
  • Amazon's Choice for "sleeping bag 0 degrees"
  • Wide and long enough for large, tall built
  • Easy to place into its carrying case 
  • Has compartments and pockets for gear, and pillow compartment
  • Soft material, comfortable and roomy
  • Material is slick, making folding or stuffing a little inconvenient, but doable
  • Zipper is only on one side of the bag
  • A bit heavy for backpacking

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TETON Sports Celsius Regular Sleeping Bag

Compliments Complaints
  • Soft cotton flannel interior so no sweating or loud squeaky noises
  • Zipper is strong and can be pulled from both inside and outside
  • Mummy hood option plus additional shoulder area tightening
  • Soft liner with offset fill stitching
  • Double zipper sliders allow for easy ventilation
  • Too big and heavy for long backpacking trips
  • Too short for 6 footers
  • Even with stuff sack and compression, too large to fit most backpacks

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REVALCAMP Sleeping Bag Indoor & Outdoor Use

Compliments Complaints
  • Very light and compact sleeping bag
  • Packs small and easy to store
  • Many vibrant color options to choose from
  • Well-made warm weather bag
  • Easy to stuff inside compression bag
  • Double zipper gets stuck easily
  • Inside layer made of slick material (rather than a lining fabric) which is uncomfortable to sleep on unless you are completely clothed

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Ohuhu Double 2 Pillow 2 Person Sleeping Bag

Compliments Complaints
  • Amazon's Choice for "two person sleeping bag"
  • Very lightweight and easy to pack and carry
  • Could be separated into two sleeping bags
  • Two people fit with room to roll over and deep enough for someone 6 ft tall
  • Comes with 2 small pillows that are just enough for camping
  • Some customers recommend not using this bag in cold weather camping; works great for indoor or warm
    weather camping
  • Lining doesn’t breathe and creates moisture/condensation against skin

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