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Five Incredibly Fun Outdoor Games For Your Next Camping Trip

Those of us who have been grinding the whole week usually just want to laze around, drink a beer and bask in nature during a camping trip. But there are some who just can't seem to settle down - these people feel like they have to be doing something even when they're relaxing! They easily get bored and when this happens, they can stir up the chill, laid-back atmosphere of camp pretty quickly. 

If you're planning a camping trip with such people (and kids), you may want to get some of these great outdoor games below to keep them entertained while you kick back. These family games are inexpensive but provide good fun, you might even want to join in a game or two.

Hey! Play! Backyard Lawn Bowling Game

Outdoor bowling is something that everyone in the family can join in and have fun. It also gives a different kind of challenge, leveling the field for players of all skill levels. You can also use these bowling pins for a game of ring toss!
Compliments Complaints
  • Good for small kids
  • Sturdy wood construction
  • Inexpensive gift idea
  • The whole set is a bit tiny
  • A customer got a moldy item
  • Prickly holes on the wooden balls


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Viahart Goodminton

It can be hard to play regular badminton outdoors since shuttlecocks are no good when there's wind. But that's not a problem with the Goodminton set. The racquets are also easy to use for players of any age. 
Compliments Complaints
  • Good fun for all ages
  • Comes with a fast and slow birdie
  • Feels like table tennis but plays like badminton
  • Birdies are a bit fragile, feathers tend to break off
  • Customer got a bent racquet
  • Handle grips
  • Birdies fly a bit fast, needs more feathers


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Giggle N Go Flarts

If you've ever wished for a game that's a cross between lawn darts and beer pong, then what you're looking for is Flarts. This dart game with a smelly sounding name is completely safe and fun for kids of all ages, although adults would also get a kick from a drunk version of it too!
Compliments Complaints
  • Good for kids and elderly people
  • Can be played by the whole family
  • Great for a carnival-themed party
  • One customer's flart popped after use
  • The board is a bit thin and won't spread out evenly
  • Material quality is a bit low


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Giant Jenga

Jenga is practically the go-to game whenever people are starting to get bored, so it's good to pack a set for your camping trip. But a small Jenga set won't do when playing outside, what you need is a giant one that won't topple over from a breeze or uneven ground.
Compliments Complaints
  • Classic Jenga but bigger
  • Made of natural wood, safe for kids
  • Fun for all ages
  • Some customers complained about quality of blocks
  • A bit expensive than competing brands
  • One customer's bag broke but was replaced


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Squad Hero Rechargeable Laser Tag

A laser tag game is one of those games where adults and kids are on equal footing. It's also exciting but harmless - there are no projectiles involved and the camping grounds is one of the best venues to hold a game. This is sure to give you a good sweat and loads of fun! 
Compliments Complaints
  • Guns are nicely designed
  • Doesn't feel cheap
  • Gives you good exercise, helps with weight loss
  • Have to set up and re-pair everything after each game
  • A bit more expensive
  • Some customers complain of a faulty charger port


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