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Instead of going on a run, hiking with friends, or backpacking, it is tempting to just stay at home because of how strong the wind howls. You want to stay away from activities that require you to face the chilling breezes. Sometimes, challenges can be a fun twist on your usual, boring outdoor adventure.

Men should always be prepared when going outdoors, especially on the harsh, cold and windy environment. Being tough means being able to withstand the harsh weather that may come your way. Good thing there are available men's outdoor jackets that you can use to face windy challenges. These windbreakers are considered one of the most practical wears when you go outside. You can actually use them for most kinds of outdoor activities.

Their main purpose is to block the wind from your head and body. Aside from that, they also provide warmth and comfort on cool climates. Whether you are climbing, hiking, backpacking, running, cycling, fishing, or camping, these outdoor jackets sure will come in handy. The best jackets that you should find are lightweight, flexible, sturdy, quality fabric, and often stylish.

Be sure to have one of these windproof jackets before heading out and always be prepared for the sudden wind blows. 

Wantdo Men's Mountain Windproof Jacket

Compliments Complaints
  • Great price for its quality 
  • Keeps you warm and protected from the wind 
  • Has enough space for clothing underneath 
  • Fleece lining and hood are comfortable and nice to feel 
  • It is waterproof as well
  • Stitching underdone in the armpit area 
  • Zipper breaks easily 
  • Waist pocket is not covered

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CAMEL CROWN Men’s Detachable Hood Jacket

Compliments Complaints
  • The coat is stylish 
  • It is more affordable than others 
  • Fabric feels nice and warm 
  • Has more room for shirts underneath 
  • Not too thick or thin
  • Won't zip up properly 
  • Some complained of loose stitching 
  • Hood rips after a few good uses

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Columbia Men's Trail Drier Jacket

Compliments Complaints
  • It is lightweight 
  • It is breathable 
  • There are enough pockets to put in valuables
  • Ripstop polyester has a cool design 
  • Hood can be rolled up by Velcro strap
  • Zipper comes off 
  • The jacket is way too long for others
  • Not that waterproof

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ZSHOW Men's Lightweight Packable Jacket

Compliments Complaints
  • Sizing fits perfectly
  • It is a great windbreaker
  • Affordable price for its quality 
  • It is easy to pack 
  • Keeps you dry
  • Not meant for freezing weather
  • Sleeves too tight for others 
  • Zipper not smooth to zip

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Trailside Supply Co. Men’s Softshell Jacket

Compliments Complaints
  • Gives you warmth and comfort 
  • Fleece lining and dense windproof outer layer provides added protection 
  • Has plenty of room for under sweaters 
  • It is lightweight 
  • Pocket zippers included
  • Some complained of lining not sewn properly 
  • Zipper comes apart 
  • Chest pocket flops out

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