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Six Highly Rated Outdoor Gear That Are Too Good To Ignore

We all have those moments of weakness where you order an item just because it has so many good ratings. If you're like that, then you probably would want to look away for this one, or not. In this list, we put together six of the most highly-rated outdoor camping gear on Amazon. These products have received so many stars that you'd feel like you'd be missing out on something great if you didn't own one. Go ahead and put these in your cart, we won't judge you! 

Gear AID 550 Paracord and Carabiner

A good paracord is indispensable to any outdoor pack and you need to have a good one since you may find yourself literally with your life on the (paracord) line. Gear Aid's 550 Paracord is probably the best you'll find on Amazon, and it already comes with a carabiner, it's a good buy even if you already have another paracord.
Compliments Complaints
  • Reflective color is very helpful
  • Thin but strong
  • Good price
  • A customer complained that there are no strands inside
  • Takes time to untangle at first
  • Carabiner isn't for weight bearing


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A good pair of hiking boots that keeps your feet protected and comfortable for miles is just priceless. Even if you already have one, it's likely that Columbia's Newton Ridge Plus will become your new favorite.
Compliments Complaints
  • No need for break in
  • Looks great
  • Can get through mud, water, or snow
  • A bit heavy
  • Not breathable, might make feet sweat
  • One customer's laces came broken


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There are a lot of crazy hi-tech tents on Amazon right now but it seems that the vast majority of campers prefer something simple, sturdy and reliable. The Coleman Sundome tent may look awfully plain but it is easy to use and it works and this is what you want when in the wild.
Compliments Complaints
  • Affordable, solid tent for its price
  • Fairly waterproof, can withstand a light rain
  • Somewhat roomy for a 2-person tent
  • Not a cold weather tent
  • Tent pegs are somewhat cheap
  • Zippers do not zip smoothly


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Vont 2 Pack LED Camping Lantern

A reliable lantern is indispensable to any camping trip, I mean, can you imagine spending the night knowing that you don't have a light source? The VONT LED lantern is a no frills camping lamp that may not be as hi-tech, but works as intended when you need it to. 
Compliments Complaints
  • Solid construction and folds up small
  • Very bright
  • Simple operation
  • Company kept emailing the customer
  • Lights are super white, very bright and may hurt your eyes
  • A customer got an item with defective leds


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oaskys Camping Sleeping Bag

Even if your tent isn't so comfy, as long as your sleeping bag is, that's all that matters so you can get good sleep. OASKYS sleeping bag is waterproof but will keep you warm in cold weather and cool in hot weather, making it a good choice to bring to any camping trip.
Compliments Complaints
  • Good customer service
  • Good value for price
  • Llightweight
  • Inner lining feels a bit synthetic
  • Kind of basic and bare
  • Some say its not as good as a Coleman


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Stanley Adventure Camp Cook Set

If you're camping solo, it's going to be impractical to bring pots and pans just so you can prepare a decent meal. Enter Stanley's Adventure Camp Cook Set - a tough as nails, versatile cook set that won't weight you down! 
Compliments Complaints
  • Very light
  • Inexpensive but there is attention to detail
  • Easy to clean
  • A customer noticed some defects on his item
  • Handle a bit wobbly
  • Beveled design at the bottom prevents it from sitting nicely


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