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Sometimes a bag of ice and a small cooler will do. But other times you want to bring an extra large cooler so you can really hold enough ice and adult beverages (or just lemonade) and not run out. They just can't be large boxes but the insulation has to be high quality as well. We chose 4 larger coolers off Amazon that had great reviews and a decent number of them as well to come up with this short list of heavy-duty coolers.

We also chose popular brands that have a good reputation and that have been around for a long time such as YETI, Igloo, and Coleman.

These coolers should be great options next time you consider bringing one to your next camping or fishing trip. The coolers are large enough where you can leave them in your car when you do a large group hike or when you take a long road trip with your RV. They're great for drinks but also prepared foods and frozen foods so you can load it up with delicious steaks, pasta dishes or beer!

So next time you're preparing for that USC versus FUCLA tailgate or the Game of Thrones (or other epic television show) premiere large screen viewing at the park, make sure you bring an awesome heavy duty cooler with you.

YETI Tundra 45 Cooler

  • High-end cooler. 
  • People look at it as a long-term investment and the product does last a long time.
  • Great Ice retention for many people
  • Extra thick walls
  • Pricey. YETI is one of the best known large cooler brands out there so the costs will be more than the other lower end or less well-known brands
  • Although many think it is better than the average cooler of the same size, they don't think it's worth the money and doesn't keep ice unusually long for the price you're paying
  • Kept ice lasting long. About a week for many people.
  • Tough and good for the price
  • When it worked for the people it was very long lasting
  • Rugged, solid and durable
  • Had issues with the latch and retainer strap
  • People wanted a tougher strap
  • Issues with the top cover's durability and cooling abilities
  • Amazon's choice. Usually a good signifier of good value + review combination
  • Ice lasts longer than other competitors of similar size and costs
  • Very good value for under 100.00 USD
  • Latch system fell apart for some customers. It is not super durable
  • Would be nice if there was a beer can opener
  • Needs even more designs and color selections
  • The fraction of the price of other brand names
  • Cheap. Even if it is not as durable as the expensive ones. It serves its duty and you get what you pay for
  • The cooler wasn't rainproof which seems unusual.
  • Weak handles
  • Too bulky for some but this is because of the thick insulation
  • Not as durable as expensive competitors