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 Top 5 Bikes You Should Ride on Your Next Outdoor Adventure

Biking has come back in a big way since the beginning of the COVID pandemic. As evidenced by the obvious rise in bikes and cycling accessories, more and more people from various age groups are joining the pedal-powered revolution, may it be for fitness, leisure, or just to cut down on transportation costs. 

Biking is a great alternative to running since it’s easier on the knees but can still give you a good cardio workout. Your bike can also take you places you ordinarily won’t be able to walk or run to. However, choosing your first bike can be a bit confusing if you’re a beginner since there are several different categories of bikes and a number of different specs you have to get acquainted with. 

If you’re rearing to go out and ride without bothering with boring specifications and whatnot, here are five bikes that may fit the bill of what you are looking for.

Schwinn Loop Folding Bike

Great for: leisure biking at the park and similar spots.

If you're looking to ride mostly for leisure but are not too keen on covering more than a few kilometers, then a folding bike is a good option. You may also want to get this if you're only a casual biker and don't want to put a bike carrier on your car. 

Compliments Complaints
  • Attractive design
  • One of the top choices for folding bikes
  • Made by an established bike company
  • Well-made but affordable
  • A customer complained that it is hard to fold and keep folded
  • Needs a strap or something to tie it together to keep it folded
  • Stock seats are not good

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Dynacraft Rock Trails Bike

Great for: biking off the beaten path

If you're looking for a bike you can ride in the forest or over any uneven terrain, you might want to try getting a trails bike. Good trail bikes can be expensive but they can be dreadfully boring to ride on normal roads, so if you want to see if you actually need one, the Dynacraft is an affordable option you may want to consider.

Compliments Complaints
  • Great beginner trail bike
  • Very affordable option for kids
  • Looks good for an entry level bike
  • Several customers complained of packaging issues
  • Stock seats are not comfortable
  • Stock tires may need replacing
  • Several customers complained of bent rims out of the box

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Mongoose Dolomite Fat Mountain Bike

Great for: heavier riders, all-around riding 

If you want a bike that you can ride on the streets and off-road, then a fat bike is for you. This is fun, versatile bike that can be used by bigger cyclists but don't expect that you'd be able to keep up with road bikes or mountain bikes.

Compliments Complaints
  • Made by an established company
  • Very affordable
  • Can be used even in snow
  • Great for heavier riders
  • One customer complained of a cheaply-made disc brake and  several other parts that broke
  • Lots of parts are made from plastic
  • Heavy for a bike in its class
  • Needs a lot of upgrades

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Micargi Roasca City Bike

Great for: chill riding in the city

If you want a bike that's better for covering greater distances in the city compared to a folding bike, then a city bike is what you need. Even though its not as aggressive as a road bike nor rugged as a mountain bike, you can still get some decent speed and maneuverability while seated comfortably with a city bike.

Compliments Complaints
  • Decent build for its price
  • Good design and looks quite stylish
  • Stock seats and handles are comfortable
  • Can be difficult to assemble
  • The instructions that come with it are hard to understand
  • Made in the USA

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Tommaso Forcella Endurance Road Bike

Great for: long, speedy rides, sport cycling

The Forcella is a great bike for those who want to get into road cycling. since it is an endurance bike, it will be more comfortable for long rides and climbs but you won't get left behind by aero racing bikes.

Compliments Complaints
  • Made by an established bike company
  • Affordable, upgradeable option
  • A step up from entry level road racers 
  • Stock seats are not comfortable
  • Some customers complained about tension problems on the wheels
  • There are a number of other better competing models in the same price range

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