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A lot of outdoor backpacks are being sold in the market these days as there are more and more people who engage in traveling, backpacking, and camping. It just makes sense to pick a pack that can use for your adventures.

A reliable outdoor backpack can hold as much load as it can while still giving you comfort. Though, it would depend on what things you would want to bring, so be sure to have one that's quality-made materials with sturdy construction. It should also guard your things against outside elements. It can be lightweight or compact, if needed, for ease of carrying. It also makes sure to keep your stuff easy to reach. Having more space and pockets is also important as you bring lots of valuables when you go out, so you would want them as organized as possible. Always consider the size, weight, versatility, comfort, organization, and other features so you can have a bag that's desirable and can fit all your clothes and gears.

Your purpose for choosing an outdoor bag may be different every time. You may want something that you can use daily, for day tours, for overnights, for long travels or rough roads. AmazonBasics has got you covered for all those uses.

AmazonBasics Carry-On Travel Backpack

Compliments Complaints
  • Has a large storage capacity 
  • With lots of pockets to organize stuff 
  • Has multiple straps for easy carrying 
  • Straps are well padded 
  • Zippers are sturdy
  • Some complained of loose threads
  • Rips after using for a few months 
  • No structure in the main compartment

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AmazonBasics Internal Frame Hiking Backpack with Rainfly

Compliments Complaints
  • Has plenty of storage and pockets 
  • Well-built bag for an affordable price 
  • Has good stitching 
  • Can be adjusted very well 
  • Comfortable to bring even with some weight
  • Not water resistant 
  • Some complained of loose straps 
  • Zipper broke after some use 

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AmazonBasics Travel Backpack

Compliments Complaints
  • Solid back-padding for added comfort 
  • Has a spacious room 
  • Top handle has a firm grip 
  • Padded straps give comfort 
  • Can hold stuff well with the compartments
  • Zipping up is not smooth 
  • Sloppy and flimsy design 
  • Not waterproof

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AmazonBasics Classic Backpack

Compliments Complaints
  • Straps feel secure and sturdy 
  • Side pockets are large enough 
  • The main compartment is spacious 
  • It is lightweight
  • Large compartment has padding
  • Straps are rough to the skin
  • Zipper gets stuck 
  • Some complained of easily ripping after first use

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AmazonBasics Ultralight Packable Day Pack

Compliments Complaints
  • It is compact and lightweight
  • Cheaper than other backpacks 
  • Can hold a lot of stuff
  • Straps are nice and comfortable 
  • Can be folded into a pack for easy carry
  • Not recommended in putting sharp objects 
  • The material is very thin 
  • Begins to tear after a few weeks 

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