Premium Outdoor & Stadium Blanket - Small, Grey

✔ WATER RESISTANT BACKING & WIND-PROOF - These blankets feature reinforced polyester / nylon backing for superior water resistance, so that your bottom stays dry, yet still has a soft top for sitting, lounging and relaxing. A cozy wind-blocking stadium blanket great for camping. You can be assured that these outdoor blankets will definitely meet your expectations, anytime, anywhere. Be sure to purchase today while supplies last. This is a good investment if you’re into outdoor activities, or if you’re one of those adrenaline junkees who loves to explore the outdoors.

EXCELLENT COMFORT & WARMTH - Blanket is made with extra soft 220 gsm 100% polar fleece providing excellent warmth & comfort. It keeps you warm while sleeping or lying down outdoors. Excellent camping blanket as it provides the needed comfort while you’re away from home. If you just happen to be watching a concert, or in attendance at the Coachella Annual Music and Arts Festival, this will be your best companion, plus more cool items from our Beckworth & Co. outdoor products.

✔ PERFECT SOLO BLANKET - Small size is 48 x 58 inches which is enough space for you at a tailgate, football game, outdoor concert, & more. When the night times comes, sometimes we just want to be alone to get a sound sleep. Even when we are outdoors, we still want to doze off comfortably. This is the perfect solo blanket you can get, just in time for the school field trip or a slumber party at a friend’s house.

✔ EASY TO CARRY & EASY STORAGE - No need to worry about transporting this picnic blanket. This one easily rolls up or folds compactly and includes carrying buckle/strap and stuff sack for easy transport and storage. It snugly fits at the back of your car or just use it as a pillow while traveling.

✔ EASY MAINTENANCE - Machine washable for easy cleaning for those unavoidable messy situations. Just throw it in the wash and let the machine do its magic.

Do You Like Hanging Out Outdoors?

Do you like attending outdoor concerts, checking out sporting events, going to the beach, camping, hiking, backpacking, or enjoying other outdoor activities?

If you do, the last thing you want to be is cold and wet when the weather isn't cooperating with you!


Pratico Outdoors All-Purpose Blanket Will Take Care of You

The Pratico Outdoors All-Purpose Outdoor Blanket keeps you dry and warm when you need it. Each blanket is designed to protect you from wind, water, and cold and give you extra protection from the elements. This makes it a versatile blanket than can be used all year round whether outdoors or even indoors.


Here's why you should make Pratico's Outdoor Down Blanket your next packable blanket:

✔ It Keeps You Warm & Dry - Why else would we get a blanket? Yes, to keep us warm and dry, and our all-purpose outdoor blanket will give you the best blanket experience you’ll ever have outdoors. In fact, the back of this blanket is made with reinforced nylon / polyester which makes it wind and water resistant. Looking for other reasons why you should get this blanket?

✔ It Provides Extra Comfort - That’s right. it provides the extra comfort you need when you are away from home. This portable stadium blanket is made from 100% polar fleece lining which is made with 220 gsm fleece which. It is soft and provides the heat retention you need on cold summer nights.

✔ It is Easy to Carry & Transport - Packing up for an outdoor activity can be tiring, especially when you have limited storage. But with this packable blanket, you don’t have to worry about where to store it. Actually, this amazing blanket can be rolled or folded down into a smaller fit,plus, it already includes a carrying strap and stuff sack, which gives you 1 less thing to worry about when traveling.

✔ Large or Small Size - Large XL stadium blanket measures 58" x 84" in size and can fit you and your friend, while gazing at the stars on a cozy night. But if you prefer to doze off alone, the Small warm travel blanket measures 48" x 58" in size, still perfect for individual comfort.

✔ Easy to Clean - Machine washable makes it a snap to clean and take care of, so that you can run some quick errands, while it’s tumbling up and down the washer. Cleaning camping blankets can be tedious, but our own Beckworth & Co. Picnic Blanket still assures you an easy maintenance. Unwanted stains are easy to remove and it still keeps that nice quality extra soft 220 gsm 100% polar fleece. Grab one of these blankets now and make every family outing memorable and stress free.

✔ Truly All Purpose - Use it at football games, soccer games, camping, hiking, or as an emergency roll up blanket. Great for any impromptu outdoor activity, anytime, anywhere. 

Order Now and you and your family or guests will be the most warm and comfortable at your next outdoor event. Supplies are limited so don't wait!

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Stadium Outdoor Blanket

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