Multipurpose Beach and Outdoor Tent - Large 4-Person Tent, Light Blue

ULTRA FLEXIBLE MULTI-FUNCTIONAL TENT – For a 3-4 person beach tent, you can still keep the walls up for privacy or fully shaded shelter. Convert it to a beach tent, sun shade, canopy, or cabana. For maximum ventilation at night for this beach instant tent, pull the screen down and just use the mesh tent to keep the insects away. Cover up while backpacking, camping, cabana concert or hanging out at the beach shaded. You can also convert this into a beach play tent for your kids to enjoy.

✔ SUPER QUICK TO SET UP – This cool beach tent has specially designed pre-assembled fiberglass inner poles, so you can set it up, pop it up or tear it down and get your instant beach tent in a minute or two. No more fumbling with poles or losing poles. This extra large beach tent or xxl beach tent weighs just over 6 pounds; includes carrying case. Get this amazing portable folding beach tent and plan your next family adventure!

✔ LARGE AND SPACIOUS INTERIOR – XL - 83 × 83 × 51 inches. Tent can easily and comfortably shelter 3 to 4 people (sitting) and allows cover and sleeping room for 2. Perfect family beach tent for outdoor activities, or kids beach tent for birthdays and parties. For sports enthusiasts, get this sports beach tent and enjoy the entire game without having to worry about the heat over your head.

✔ STAYS FIRMLY IN PLACE – Includes 4 sand bags or pockets and 8 stakes to keep the tent in place. It is wind-resistant and water-resistant. Perfect for use at the park, beach, patio, garden, forest, and campgrounds. A lightweight travel fold up beach tent that you can take with you anywhere.

 ✔ USER-FRIENDLY – Outdoor tent has internal mesh pocket to store small items like keys, coins, phone, etc. The roof ring lets you hang your lantern to light at night. 2-way zipper makes it handy to open from the inside or out. Made from breathable polyester that is wind and water and uv resistant. Get your instant shade with this giant beach tent!


The Ultimate Multipurpose Outdoor Tent

Tired of beach umbrellas and canopies that get blown away? Or tents that are too stuffy and don’t let much air in? Look no further! Beckworth & Co. QuickFlex Multipurpose Beach and Outdoor Tent is perfect for camping, hiking, traveling, and other kinds of outdoor activities.


Here Are the Reasons Why You Need To Get This Tent Now:

✔ 3 MESH SIDE WALLS – When you are out camping with family and friends, you need to be protected from the sun, wind and insects. This 3-mesh sided tent features mesh walls that allows you to rest easy knowing the extra fine mesh fabric keeps the mosquitos and other insects out. This tent also provides optimum ventilation especially in the summer. Protects against nature and elements. If you want some privacy, just roll up the screen and zip out the outer walls.

✔ EASY SETUP – Setting this up does not require special skills. It can be easily installed or taken down in a minute, and works with any environment. Once set up, the screen walls offer bug-free lounging and an access pocket to store small items. Has roof ring for hanging lamp, light or lantern. Lightweight and compact. Has carry bag to store the tent when not in use.

✔ LARGE SPACIOUS INTERIORS – Sitting area can shelter up to 4 people comfortably. Sleeping area can hold 2 people. Measures 83 × 83 × 51 inches. Made of lightweight fiberglass frame.

✔ SECURE FROM WIND AND RAIN – Comes with 8 stakes and 4 sand pockets. The stakes keep the tent firmly in place while the sand pockets add resistance to strong breeze or windy conditions. It’s water-resistant, too. Perfect for any outdoor activities.

✔ VERSATILE USE - Provide shade and shelter from sun, rain, and protection from bugs, mosquitoes and insects. Can be used as normal camp tent, either closed or opened up, so the tent can be used as day or beach tent, sun shade, canopy, portable shelter, screen house, or cabana.


“We Got You Covered” Lifetime Warranty

Beckworth & Co. stands behind its products. So much so that we offer an unconditional "We Got You Covered" lifetime guarantee on all of Beckworth & Co. products. Contact customer support team for details or questions.

What are you waiting for? Get your own Beckworth & Co. QuickFlex Multipurpose Beach and Outdoor Tent now!


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