Pratico Outdoors Rockwool Grow Seed Starter Plugs, 1.5 inch, 98 Cubes

Perfect Starter Cubes For Plant Growers Who Wants To Save Time and Effort 

Bigger is better when it comes to using a medium in growing your seedlings or cuttings. Whether you’re a beginner or an expert gardener who wants to save time and effort but still wants a more efficient plant propagation, then our easy-to-use Grow Cubes 1.5-Inch Starter Plug (98 Cubes) is the answer.


✔ VARIETY OF USES AND REUSES - Perfect for any kind of seed and cutting for seed starting, plant cutting and rooting, and plant cloning, either for hydroponics or soil-based medium. They can be reused or recycled for potting mixes, garden beds, and other plants.

✔ COMES IN 2 SHEETS WITH 49 CUBES EACH - That’s plenty of starter plugs for seeds you can germinate and cuttings you can grow.

✔ TIME EFFICIENT - With pre-formed planting holes present, plenty of seeds and cuttings can be grown at once, saving you time and effort.

✔ MORE ORGANIZED PLANTING - They can easily be monitored, transported, and cared for since your seeds are all being grown in one sheet.

Cube dimensions are not exact and may slightly vary.

Save time and effort in planting and get our Grow Cubes 1.5-Inch Starter Plug (98 Cubes) now!


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