Premium Extra Large Fleece Picnic Blanket - Navy Blue

✔ PREMIUM & EXTRA DURABLE - Compared to standard blankets, this version is made with premium polar fleece, improved backing, and is machine washable

✔ EASY TO CARRY & EASY STORAGE - Easily rolls up and includes convenient carrying buckle/strap - so simply grab it when you need it. Unfolded measures 58 x 80 inches

✔ EASY MAINTENANCE & MACHINE-WASHABLE - Easy cleaning for those unavoidable messy situations

✔ INCREASED COMFORT - Top of blanket is made with extra soft 220 gsm 100% polar fleece; back of blanket features reinforced polyester backing for increased water and wind resistance

✔ USE AS STADIUM OR OUTDOOR BLANKET - Blanket can also be used as an outdoor or stadium blanket, which provides excellent wind and water resistance so you can enjoy any outdoor event

Be the Beach Accessories Superhero with Our Premium Extra Large Outdoor Blanket

If you are organizing an outdoor event, you need to figure out all sorts of things - who to invite, what food and drinks to bring, what utensils to pack, etc. Often, you'll also end up worrying about where to sit on! The great thing about our picnic blanket is that it is the perfect outdoor blanket. Have a dry stress-free time. Having fun outdoors doesn't need to be uncomfortable. Pratico's picnic blanket can take the stress out of worrying about what to sit on.

NOTE: Recommended to use on flat ground only.

What are you waiting for? Be everyone's superhero? Grab our Premium Extra Large Outdoor Blanket now!

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Premium Extra Large Blanket - Red and Blue
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