Pratico Outdoors Seed Starter and Plant Propagation Tray, with Drain Holes, 10 x 20 inch, 5 Pack


Multi-Purpose and Long-Lasting Plastic Starter Trays For Your Growing Garden 

Grow your own garden, cultivate your eco-business, or pack your greenhouse with the most sturdy and effective planting and growing tools. No more flimsy trays and get your money’s worth with our Pratico Outdoors’ Seed Starter & Plant Germination Propagation Tray with Drain Holes 10” x 20”. 
✔ SUPERIOR STURDY QUALITY TRAYS - These popular plant growing trays are made from 100% top quality durable plastic material that can carry heavy load and to ensure longer-lasting use and reuse for plenty more growing seasons. 

✔ VALUE FOR MONEY - Reusable to grow your next batch of seeds and sprouts. Easy to clean, stackable to organize, and save space when not in use. Affordable 5-pack 10” x 20” seed starter and plant propagation plastic trays without holes you can find online.  

✔ MULTI-PURPOSE - Perfect 10” x 20” nursery trays for germination and propagation of your seedlings, cuttings, and plantlings. Plant a variety of seeds, sprouts, herbs, grass (wheat, barley, rye, etc.), fresh veggies (broccoli, radish, etc.), flowers, microgreens, and other greens. Use for agriculture, greenhouse, outdoor or indoor gardening. Can be used with soil, rockwool, vermiculite, for fodder, hydroponics or put under the starter tray with drain holes to catch dripping water.  

✔ MOISTURE-FILLED PLANT GROWTH - Keeps plenty of moisture and nutrients in your tray for superior plant growth. Effective for hydroponics, seed starting, and plant propagation. 

✔ TIME EFFICIENT - Start and propagate as much seedlings and plantlings as you want simultaneously, without hassle using our 10” x 20” starter 5-pack trays. More than enough room to witness your baby greens grow fast. 

Do yourself a favor and start using our Seed Starter & Plant Propagation Tray with Drain Holes for your precious seeds and sprouts NOW!