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11 Unique Places for Outdoor Enthusiasts in the United States

Did you know that the United States has some of the most beautiful places in the world? These are not just any site that is worth visiting.  These are jaw-dropping, gasp-worthy unbelievably beautiful places that you should definitely visit especially if you live anywhere near them.

So, what are these places?

Kansas’ Monument Rocks and Castle Rock

These are the state’s two largest rock formations.  They are known for their unusual shapes.  These landmarks draw numerous tourists and mountain climbers every year.

The Monument Rocks was the very first recognized National Natural Landmark by the Department of the Interior.  This 80-year-old landmark was formed from chalk.  Meanwhile, the Castle Rock was created from a limestone pillar.  It has a castle-like shape, thus, its name.

Colorado’s Garden of the Gods

The name alone speaks for itself.  It is called Garden of the Gods.  Imagine how beautiful this park is.  History has it that the name was coined by two surveyors who were so amazed by the red rock formation that sticks out of the earth.

You can visit the park and enjoy the beautiful scenery.  You can check out the trails if you love hiking.  You can even try your hands at scaling the rock faces.  Of course, this climb is not for newbies. 

Utah and Arizona’s The Wave

This has to be on your bucket list, but it is not as easy to get to as you might wish.  The Wave is located near the Coyote Buttes, but if you are a hiker, you will likely find it difficult to get a hiking permit.  They only allow about 20 people per day.

Ten people are picked months in advance, and another ten people are selected very early in the morning.  People still apply for a permit and wait for a chance to be picked because this site is definitely something to behold.

Michigan’s Mackinac Island

The Mackinac Island is a National Historic Landmark.  It used to be a popular destination.  It was a summer colony in the 19th century.  It was also a center of commerce.  Nowadays, it continues to attract visitors all over the country.  It has attracted countless writers like Thoreau and Melville.

Utah’s The Great White Throne

This has become the symbol of Zion National Park.  It is an American monument that is made of sandstone.  It is a unique structure because of its odd color. The top is white, and the bottom is pigmented with red and orange. The Mormons believe that this is actually the seat of God where He someday, he will pass judgment.

Oregon’s Columbia River

This is one of the most beautiful areas in the country.  It spreads for about 80 miles and passes through a great distance of forest and vales.  Trekking this river will have you passing through 90 waterfalls and wind tunnels.  It is not surprising why it draws trekkers, nature enthusiasts, hikers, bikers, and backpackers from all over the country.

Arizona and Utah’s Monument Valley

The Monument Valley is located both in the Arizona and Utah states.  It has an elevation of about 5,000-6,000 feet.  You would find countless photographs of this place. You can enjoy a guided tour, or you can hike in unfenced areas.  However, you need to get a permit and take note of areas where hikers are allowed.

Kentucky’s Mammoth Cave National Park

This cave is a must-see attraction.  It is the longest cave system in the world.  It extends over 400 miles which makes it twice longer than the second longest cave in Mexico.  You will find crickets, salamanders, bats, fishes and shrimps.  If you’d like to go on a daring and exciting adventure, this cave will ensure lifetime memories.

Alaska’s Matanuska Glacier

If you enjoy glacier hiking, mountain climbing, zip lining and other extreme activities, you should visit this attraction. Named as one of America’s must-see places, this 27-mile long glacier has so much to offer.  If you are not an outdoor enthusiast and do not enjoy risky adventures, you can always just go camping and go on guided tours.  This glacier is accessible by car.

New Mexico’s Carlsbad Caverns

This is one of the country’s unique state parks.  There are two entrances into the caverns.  You can get in through the large mouth, or you can use the elevator located in the visitor center.  The cavern has a peak height, measuring about 255 feet.  The place is a home to hundreds of bats.  It is definitely not for the faint of heart.

Utah’s The Narrows

National Geographic has ranked this attraction as No. 5 in its list of “America’s 100 Best Adventures”.  This unique and exciting hike will have you wading through waist-deep waters and climbing steep cliffs.  The area has a tendency to flood quickly during summer.  This is not a hike for newbies.


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