Beckworth & Co. stands behind its products. So much so that we offer an unconditional "We Got You Covered" lifetime guarantee on all of Beckworth & Co. branded products. Other products sold through website are covered by our standard 30 day warranty.

Under our "We Got You Covered" guarantee if any of the functional parts of our products are broken or stop working we will attempt to repair it or replace it.

Unfortunately, we can not replace products we are not producing anymore or have been discontinued for any reason.

"We Got You Covered" Beckworth & Co. Lifetime Guarantee Details

Our warranty covers the repair or replacement of the functional parts (i.e. parts needed to make the product work) of any Beckworth & Co. branded products for the life of the product. If through the normal use of the product something stops functioning we will take care of it.

The warranty does not cover other brands outside of Beckworth & Co. and does not cover cosmetic or accidental damage.

In the case where we determine we cannot repair the item a replacement item will be sent to you. You will only be responsible for paying the shipping fee for the replacement (see here for shipping prices). In the case where a product is discontinued or no longer available an attempt to find a comparable replacement will be made.

We take great pride in how our products are manufactured, shipped and warehoused. To qualify for the warranty you have to be the original purchaser of the product and have bought directly from our website, Amazon, Walmart, or eBay store. Gifts and purchases made from other sellers do not qualify.

"We Got You Covered" Guarantee Process

  1. Email us at with your order number and where you purchased. Also, attach any photos of the issue you are having
  2. We will verify your order and evaluate the issue. We will determine if repairs can be made otherwise a replacement order will be issued
  3. Pay for shipping. If a repair can be made you'll be responsible for shipping the product to us. If a replacement is needed you will be responsible for paying for its shipment
  4. You receive your repaired or replacement product

Other Brands Warranty Info

For all other brands besides Beckworth & Co sold through are covered by our standard 30 day warranty:

  • We will replace the product or offer a full refund if the product arrives damaged or with defects that are deemed unfixable
  • Damages caused by the customer are not covered
  • To start warranty process email us with your order number and where you purchased. Also, attach any photos of the issue you are having