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14 Awesome Travel Hacks for Summer

Once the travel bug bites you, it latches on and refuses to let go.  Not surprisingly, there are people who save money so that they can travel every chance they get.  They explore parts unknown.  Travel has become a pastime of countless people.  Perhaps, you’re one of them.  So, it’s a great idea to know some awesome travel hacks that can ensure a troublesome and fun trip.

1. Get a cheap but fantastic accommodation. 

Get a cheap but fantastic accommodation

When traveling with the family, make sure to check out Airbnb for a home that you can rent.  If you’re traveling alone, you might want to check out a single room that you can rent out.  There are home owners who rent out accommodations like this.  They’re often better and cheaper than staying in hotels.

2. Make sure to roll your clothes when packing. 

Make sure to roll your clothes when packing

Avoid folding your clothes into a pile.  Rolling your clothes allow you to fit more things in your suitcase.  Roll your socks inside clothes to make the space even more optimal.

3. Scan important documents like your passport and email them to yourself. 

This ensures a copy in case of theft or loss.  It is better to download and save the documents offline.

4. Make sure to call your credit card company to have your card authorized before departure.

This prevents raising alarms of suspicious activities.  Credit or debit card companies often blocked use or access.

5. Mark your luggage as fragile. 

Mark your luggage as fragile

Airport and airplane staff tends to handle baggage carelessly.  By marking your baggage as fragile, people will likely handle your luggage more carefully.

6. Make sure to bring your own water bottle. 

Make sure to bring your own water bottle

This ensures that you always have water with you.  The number of times water is offered varies depending on the policy of the airlines. So, top off your bottle with water when they offer it to you.  We’d recommend these 18 oz Glass Water Bottles with Loop Caps. It’s versatile, easy to clean, and perfect for people on the go - just easily clip the loop cap to your bag or backpack.  Their leak resistant cap prevents messy spills.

7. Use a fanny pack to help expedite security checks and secure your valuables. 

You may feel embarrassed about using a fanny pack, but fortunately, it’s coming back in style.  More and more celebrities are actually using a fanny pack.

8. Don’t forget to bring a pen. 

This is a must-have when traveling.  You would be filling up customs forms.  Fill the forms and have the rest of your family or companions fill out their forms as well before you lend your pen to other passengers or travelers.

9. Get an Internet service especially for long flights. 

Get an Internet service especially for long flights

Although you could entertain yourself with the flight entertainment and movies, airlines rarely provide free Internet service that would last more than an hour or so.  So, you might want to splurge on an Internet service before flying.

10. Go to the bathroom 20 minutes before landing. 

Use this opportunity to avoid fighting for restrooms once you land.

11. Claim your baggage after landing. 

People tend to lollygag once they’ve landed.  Save yourself the trouble of waiting in line to get your baggage or arguing with other travelers over luggage.

12.  Use your ATM to get local currency. 

Use your ATM to get local currency

There are money converters in the airport, but the rates are total rip-offs!  ATMs would give you the local currency, so just use your debit or credit card.

13. Download useful apps.

Apps like Yelp or Uber, so you’d be able to check on local destinations and grab transportation when needed. Yelp will help you find the best places to eat or sightsee.  Use guidebooks sparingly.  Don’t be afraid to explore the off beaten path.  The best tourist destinations are known only to the locals and are rarely mentioned in travel books.

14. To save money, make sure to eat locally only. 

food travel

This will help you save money, and you get to taste and experience local cuisine.  As the general saying goes, “When in Rome, do as the Romans.”

These travel hacks will help you this summer when you go on a trip with your family and friends.