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5 Fun Outdoor Spring Activities for Kids

Don’t you just love the spring? To some people, it’s the best season.   It’s the best time to get your kids away from their gadgets and get them to enjoy the outdoors.  The weather is glorious.  The flowers are starting to bloom. The air smells crisp with so much promise.  It’s hard not to go outside when spring beckons.

If you need some ideas on what you can do outside with the kids, here are some fun outdoor spring activities for kids.  They can also be a little educational:

Run an Obstacle Course

backyard obstacle course

Your backyard can be turned into an obstacle course – over, under, through and around your home. You don’t have to create anything complicated.  You can play with your kids, bellow out instructions, set the course, and have lots of fun.  If you have older children, you can time them as they run the course.  They’d have lots of fun trying to beat the clock.  Get your kids involved in planning the course.

Play with Paint

Here’s something different, exciting – and a tad messy to do: throw paint bombs at large sheets of paper.  Tape the paper to the back fence and throw paint bombs at them.  This is a lot of fun.  You’ll have lots of fun yourself.  Here’s how to make paint bombs at Growing a Jeweled Rose.

You can also stick large sheets of paper to the back fence and do some painting.  Let the kids paint to their heart’s content.  If you have an old bedsheet, you can lay it down, and let the kids go mad with the paint.  They can even use their entire body to create art.  This is messy, but this is so much fun!

paint bombs

If you are not comfortable with letting your kids play with paint, you can use chalk paint instead. Your children will have so much fun painting the fence and wall with chalk paint.  Find out how to make washable chalk paint from Kids Spot.

You can also try painting with bubbles.  Mix watercolor into a bubble mixture, and blow the bubbles.  The bubbles splat onto the sheet or paper, and you end up with a beautiful combination of colors and shapes.  Your kids will love it. Here ’s how you create watercolor paint with bubbles via Pretty Prudent.

You can also paint your backyard.  Paint rocks, barks, leaves, branches, flowers with paint.  You can decorate your backyard or front yard.  It helps to use washable paint.  Can you imagine how fun this would be for your kids?

Set Up a Hunt

Kids love puzzles, and they love going on hunts especially scavenger hunts.  And spring is the perfect time to get them to collect all kinds of treasures.  Challenge your child to see how many different kinds of red petals she’d find or how many yellow flowers she’d be able to count.

backyard treasure huntYou can even get them to look for creepy crawlies.  As much as you hate these creatures, kids love them!  They fascinate children.  A bug hunt is something your children will enjoy doing.

If your child is not a fan of bugs, you can get her to do a flower photography hunt.  Give her a camera that her little fingers can hold, and get her to hunt for flowers.

Do Some Gardening

Kids love digging in the dirt! Get your kids to do gardening.  Spring is the perfect time to plant new flowers.  Buy some inexpensive ones to pretty up your backyard.  Get them to put on gloves, and your kids will all be ready to help.  Mom Always Finds Out has some instructions on how to create a butterfly garden. 

spring gardening with kids

You can also get them to plant something that they can eat later.  This is the perfect opportunity to introduce veggies to your kids. They would usually eat what they plant and produce.


Who doesn’t love camping?  Kids love tents, so do backyard camping.  Set up a tent outside, and allow them to play in it.  Join them and sleep under the stars.  Set up a small fire pit and roast hotdogs and marshmallows.  Children love making s'mores.

backyard camping

Grab the Perfect Outdoor Blanket for Your Spring Activities

If you don’t have an outdoor blanket, you might want to get Extra Large Fleece Picnic Blanket. It is super easy to use and store.  It’s made of 100% soft polar fleece which won’t irritate your skin at all.  It’s the perfect blanket for kids to sit on and play on when they’re outdoors.  It has a waterproof backing, so you won’t get wet even when placed on a damp surface.

Extra Large Fleece Picnic Blanket

So, what are you waiting for?  Go outdoors and enjoy spring with your kids!