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7 Outdoor Summer Activities for Seniors

It’s not too late to get your grandma or grandpa outside for some fun summer activities. Summer is still here.  It’s the best time to get them to go outside and enjoy some outdoor activities for seniors.  They will benefit from a change in their routine.

Benefits of Going Outdoors

The one advantage of heading outdoors is being able to soak up on sunlight and vitamin D.  This will benefit the brain, bones, and muscles.  This also improves cognitive function and mood.  There are numerous mental and emotional benefits to heading outdoors for some R&R.  This enables elders to socialize with people, children, and animals.  This will give them that extra bounce.  The outdoors will definitely rejuvenate their spirits.

seniors outdoors

Outdoor Activities Ideas

When selecting an activity for you and your loved one can do outdoors, make sure to focus on their interests or the things that they used to enjoy.  This will ensure that they will have loads of fun.

  • Fish for fun.  If you are anywhere near a dock, a pier, a lake or other similar location, you might want to bring your elder fishing.  This is particularly interesting for them if they’ve always loved fishing.  You can check into state park websites to see if there are any accessible fishing locations. There are places that offer all-terrain wheelchairs for people with mobility problem.

senior fishing

  • Watch a ball game or any sporting event.  Baseball is always a great idea for baseball enthusiasts.  No matter how old they get they’d always enjoy watching baseball.  You can bring them to their grandchild’s sports games like soccer or baseball.
  •  Join a tour.  If you live in a city where there are open-air bus or trolley tours, you can get your elders to join these tours.  They can also join a boat tour if they are able.  They can also go for a drive around the community.  They might just see a new activity or place they’d enjoy doing or visiting.
    • Go for a swim.  For some seniors, this would just mean dipping their foot in the pool.  Others may be able to wade in a little or do some water aerobics.  As long as the senior is able, it isn’t a bad idea to go to the local pool or beach for a little dip.

    senior swimming

    • Go for a walk.  If the elder is able, you can accompany him for an early morning or evening walk.  Summer is almost over; and fairly soon, we’d all be experiencing autumn.  This is a season that invites people to go outside for a stroll.  A few minutes of walking or a short stroll even with a walker or wheelchair can revitalize your loved one and lift his spirits.
    • Feed the ducks or the birds.  This is a simple activity, but it is really fun for seniors.  Encourage a loved one to sit outside or go to a place where they can feed birds or ducks.  Go to the local zoo.  Feed the birds and enjoy nature.
    • Go for a picnic.  Picnics are a simple and flexible activity.  It’s something that everyone can do.  Plan a beach picnic or park picnic.  You can have it in your own backyard or the grounds of the care facility.  Seniors will enjoy watching children run around.  They’ll enjoy the sunshine, the outdoors, the nature, and the outdoor activities.  Locate a place where seniors can sit comfortably. Make sure there is plenty of shade or bring a huge picnic umbrella just in case.

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