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The Benefits of Outdoor Running

Exercising is great for our body and well-being. Running is a cardio exercise that many of us look up to when trying to sweat out, be fit, release stress, lose weight, or improve our health. There are many people who exercise from home or acquire gym membership for that matter. Some may want to stick to treadmills as they are easier and more controlled when it comes to pace and elevation. Running indoors and outdoors have almost similar physiological and psychological benefits. It’s still recommended, though, to get a dose of outdoor cardio, as it can be more beneficial to you than running on a treadmill.

Outdoor running:


Increases Oxygenation

A crowded, enclosed gym means more carbon dioxide and less oxygen. Breathing fresh air can definitely affect your performance. The outdoors has full of oxygen provided by trees. Since it’s a wide, open space, you can breathe as much fresh air and keep running as long as you want. Make your clothes breathable as well by wearing Dry-Fit Shirts for Men and Women, so you can move freely with feeling sticky from sweat.


Promotes Inner Peace

Doing runs in the outdoors is more peaceful and freer than in gyms that can be enclosed, overcrowded, sometimes intimidating. It feels suffocating to exercise especially in a closed space. Running in a wide, nature-filled open area can be a great escape from the four walls and be alone running while finding your inner peace with the Earth.

promotes inner peace


More Tolerance to Heat and Stress

There are loads of evidence that being in nature can lower your stress levels. Think of running outdoors as a wonderful adventure, running at your own pace, and over time, you’ll notice you don’t lose your breath too often and your muscles have more stored energy for the run. Also, the gym is a more controlled environment, meaning you can change the temperature and some settings if you can. The outdoors is mostly uncontrollable especially the heat. You need some heat tolerance but it doesn't mean you have to suffer most of it. You can wear a Breathable Pair of Running Socks to keep your feet dry while maintaining body temperature.



Better Visual Stimulation

The nature view is truly heaven-sent. You’ll definitely love running outdoors because of the beautiful scenery, the trees, wild animals, mountain view, hilltop, the sun, and the skies. Since your mind is stimulated with wonderful things, you get to run longer and faster to enjoy the view some more.


Improves Energy Level and Stamina

It was found in a study that outdoor exercise can make a person feel invigorated, energized, more positive, stress-free, and relaxed. These benefits can give you a feeling of being able to run faster and longer.

improves energy level and stamina run


Offers More Vitamin D

Instead of relying on vitamin D supplements, why don’t you run outside and get some natural light? Vitamin D is a crucial part of keeping your bones strong and your mobility intact, and helping you to be physically and mentally well. 


Keeps Heart Healthier

Outdoor running is a stimulating way to make a habit of running daily or a couple of time a week, because of fresh air and awesome nature views. More cardio means proper blood and oxygen circulation to the heart, thus a lower chance to develop cardiovascular diseases. You will also have a more stable heart rate and blood pressure in most activities in the long run.

heart health


Heals Nerves Faster

Running can injure you at some point, and the pain is mostly caused by the nerves in the affected part of your body. Since outdoor running promotes natural positive energy and fresh air, as you breathe so much of clean oxygen, it will eventually heal your nerves caused by stress or trauma.


Improves Balance, Flexibility, and Mobility

The terrain or pavement on the road, grass, hillside, or mud may be uneven, but it can be beneficial to you. The changing surfaces will likely improve your balance and awareness of the path and surroundings. That means you can cope with changes and can affect your foot movements, stride, and flexibility in the long run. You may want to invest in the Best Running Shoes that you can use for a long time.



Prepares Better For An Actual Race

Since it’s easier to run indoors or on a treadmill because of a more stable and controlled surface, safer, and lack wind resistance, it may be less challenging and exciting, this can affect your long-term performance. Outdoor running can eliminate most of the stability that an enclosed environment can offer. Thus, can prepare you for a variety of situations while running in long-distance. Keep track of your running time and laps by wearing the Best Outdoor Wrist Watch.



Creates Social Bond

You can either go for a run alone, but sometimes you want to spice things up. You can invite your friends for a run, run with the others, or join a marathon or a running club and meet new, like-minded people. The possibilities of gaining new friends and staying fit together are endless especially if you do outdoor running.

running with friends

Clears Body and Mind

Running keeps your blood and oxygen up and circulating. The better the oxygen flows, the more it cleanses the toxins from all the organs and muscles, including the brain, out of your body. When that happens, your body systems will start to function well. You’ll feel significantly better and your mind will have clarity, which will let you do your physical and mental tasks properly.


As you can see, there are a bunch more benefits of outdoor running than indoors. It improves your health, boosts your energy and strength, keeps you more focused and motivated, makes you happier and less stressed over time.