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Best Camping Table For RVing

So you've finally decided to take that well-earned road trip across the country and get to "know yourself". Or maybe you just want to take a short trip with your recreational vehicle to a local campsite. Either way, you want to be prepared by stocking up on portable camping table. This RV table will come in handy even if the campsite already has picnic tables (not all do). When it comes to camping and road trips, space is very important. You want to make sure you brought everything you need for the trip without making your RV look like some pack rat has been living there for years. May I suggest our Beckworth and Co. SmartFlip camping table accompany you on your journey? Obviously, we are biased but with the feedback we've received about our product and my personal experience with it, I believe it is with good reason.

Adjustable Height for Slopes and Hills

Our camping table requires no assembly and has an adjustable height of 16.5 inches to 25.2 inches. That means the table can be adjusted to any height in between. If the table is resting on a hill or slope, you can vary the lengths of the table legs to even out the table. If you plan to sit on a stool or chair or sit on the floor, the adjustable height of the RV table makes it easy and comfortable for both situations. The anti-slope adjustments also make sure your cold beer, soda or coffee won't slide off and spill. Beckworth and Co Table

Premium Quality Materials and Easy To UseBeckworth and Co Table-1

Our RV camping table is made with Moso bamboo and lightweight aircraft grade 7075 aluminum. Unlike other tables, this one requires no assembly. It arrives put together and in it's carrying case. There are no extra parts to worry about. We have a short video here of the table being taken out and put back in. It's really as easy as it looks:

What Customers Are Saying

Our customers really enjoy the product and can attest to the quality. Here are some reviews:

"Everyone in our party of 20 wanted one" - DBorso

We bought this after attending a concert recently at an outdoor venue with lawn seats. We noticed others with portable tables but all had a short coming off fixed leg length which became a challenge since the lawn is sloped. After seeing this table with adjustable legs it became a winner. We used last week and everyone in our party of 20 wanted one. I do think that they don't do a good enough job describing the adjustable legs. It states two different heights but in reality that is just the shortest and longest lengths- it is fully adjustable at any height in between which is why it worked so well on the slope of the lawn. Very good construction, the bamboo surface looked great and the aluminum legs are really well put together and solid. Not flimsy at all. Packs up in a great little tote case as well. This is a winner.

"Versatile Table for Outdoor or Indoor Use" - M. T. Jensen

I ordered the Beckworth & Co adjustable folding table after returning from a group camping trip. A friend brought along a small folding table that was a big hit for setting out snacks, reading material, or use as a game table. But that table was very low, did not have adjustable legs to accommodate slightly uneven ground or adjust to a comfortable height for different uses. The Beckworth & Co adjustable folding table solves these problems with ease. The Beckworth & Co folding table is very well made and is the best quality folding table I've seen. It's surface area is roughly 26"x20" so it's a handy size. Setting it up or putting it away is a snap. It folds into a neat package and stores in a nice travel bag that was provided. It's worth noting the Beckworth & Co table is much more attractive than other folding tables I've seen. The wood top is beautiful, well made and the table feels sturdy. I'd buy it again. It's definitely worth the cost. Now I can set out appetizers or play a game with my family and friends in the location we chose and not be tied to a rooted picnic table anchored well away from the warmth of the campfire. I also plan to use it indoors as an extra table during holiday entertaining. Here are what other customers are saying about the product as well.

What You Need When Buying a Table For Your RV

When you are looking for a table for your RV and camping, you want something durable and able to withstand the challenges of outdoor camping activities. You want the table to be durable and last the thousands of times you're going to take them out, unfold, adjust, pack and unpack. You also want the table to be small enough to store safely and securely but big enough to provide a great area for your camping and picnic needs. The SmartFlip table meets all of these criteria.

100% Satisfaction Guarantee

We think you'll be satisfied but unfortunately, there's isn't a perfect product for everyone so, if you aren't satisfied with the purchase, simply return the product to us for a full refund.

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