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Smartphones, tablets, drones, action cameras, power banks, Bluetooth and waterproof devices; these are some of the so many gadgets that people use in this generation. It seems like every single day; newer technology is being introduced. Sometimes, we need to de-stress away from the electronics and breathe fresh air from the woods and the mountains. Nothing beats the nature in helping you filter your mind and body from the toxins of gadgets. But, when you are outdoors, it seems like you’re itching to check on your electronic devices because it’s just too difficult for you to live without them.

We're living in a high-tech world. Gone are the days when we have to create fire using sticks and stones or to use a map and the north star for directions. Good thing there are outdoor gadgets that a techie like you will love. You can bring them whenever you go backpacking, camping or hiking so that you won’t miss out!

Below are some of the best outdoor technology and gadgets you can bring on your next trip!


Power Banks

Power banks are the lifesavers when your rechargeable gadgets are running out of power. The KAPPET Wireless Charger Power Bank is the best choice for this. It’s a 2-in-1 high power wireless charger which has a massive 20,000 mAh battery capacity. It supports up to three (3) devices, which is a perfect battery pack for travel, camping, and hiking. It has an over-temperature and over-voltage protection. 


Action Camera


You can never go wrong when taking pictures during your hiking, swimming, and rough adventures as long as you’re using an action camera. Campark ACT74 Action Camera has a lot to offer. This 2-inch HD screen with a 170-degree lens can capture 4K video at 30 fps. It has multi-functional accessories, Wi-Fi remote control, is compatible with iOS and Android and is easy to send photos and videos via email or share on social media. It has a long battery life. It’s also waterproof which can survive up to 30 meters underwater. 



If you want an aerial shot of the beautiful scenic view, then a drone is your go-to gadget. The Holy Stone HS170 Predator Mini RC Helicopter Drone is the one you should get. Flying with good wind-resistance performance is easy. It’s a 2.4 GHz technology with a flexible and stable 6-Axis Gyro system. It’s also very affordable.


Water Filter System


When you run out of drinkable water and is having doubt drinking the water from the stream, then a water filter system can help you with your thirst. LifeStraw Personal Water Filter is a product that does the job well. Its microfiltration system removes 99.9% of waterborne bacteria and parasites. It also eliminates microplastics. The microfilter will provide 4000 liters of clean and safe drinkable water. It also claims to have been verified by laboratories using standard testing. 


Waterproof Headset


Nature’s music soothes our soul, but you can also enjoy the music while on a trip with a waterproof Bluetooth headset. LETSCOM Bluetooth Headphones IPX7 is a perfect choice for that. It provides high-quality audio, a noise-canceling mic, and clear and stable volume and calls. It’s waterproof, has internal nano-coating which serves as protection from heavy rains and sweat. It has customizable accessories, control buttons, is lightweight, comfortable and stable. It has an extended playtime as well. 


Fire Starter


Using lighters or matches are the thing of the past. The Friendly Swede Magnesium Flint Fire Starter is the one you should get for your camping, survival and outdoor activities. It’s easy to throw a spark and start a fire, even in windy, rainy and snowy weather. It’s compact, convenient to use and longer-lasting. You can also use the handy striker as a bottle opener. 


GPS Navigation


Some people still have good old maps and compass in locating places, while others use a more convenient GPS navigation device. The Garmin Oregon 650t Handheld GPS is what you should get if you want a reliable one. This 3-inch touchscreen multi-touch display is readable even under sunlight. It has a 3-axis compass, accelerometer and barometer sensors, GPS/GLONASS satellite position and Bluetooth technology. It’s also packed with AA batteries or NiMH battery pack, 8 MP autofocus camera, LED flash and digital zoom. 



Do you want to look closer to that fantastic view or to those wild animals you rarely see live or even stargazing? The Kylietech 12X42 Binoculars is the best one to spot on. It has 12 times high power magnification and 42mm wide-angle lens, multi-layer coating to provide clarity, color accuracy, sharpness, and brightness. It comes with a smartphone adapter for most Android and iPhones. It can be used with a tripod mount so you can watch it conveniently. It is also water-proof, fog-proof and has an anti-slip grip. 


Camp Shower

Hate the cold showers? What more if you’re taking one outdoors? You’re so fortunate that a solar camp shower exists such as the Advanced Elements (SS761) Summer Solar Shower which will heat the cold water from the shower. Its capacity is three (3) gallons of water. It has a temperature gauge and heats the water fast under the sun. It has wide carrying handles and straps for soap and shampoo. It also rolls up easily. 


Even if you enjoy the natural experience of the outdoors, you still would want to use some tech gadgets suitable for your every activity. In the first place, these outdoor gadgets are not only made to keep up with the ongoing trends, but also to provide convenience the outdoor lacks.