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Burn Off Holiday Calories with these Fun Winter Activities


The holiday season always feels like the weekend of the year. It’s a good time to dial back on work, take it easy and live a little. This is also the time when we tend to cheat on our diet and indulge and if you happen to be in a place that gets a low of snow, then you may be inclined to stay indoors and curl up near the fireplace. While this sounds very cozy and relaxing, it’s also a sure way to add a few pounds, you may be in for an unwelcome surprise the next time you step on the scale!

Rather than foregoing those scrumptious holiday dinners, why not partake in moderation then just burn off the calories by engaging in some winter activities? Not only will these activities keep the flabs at bay, they’ll keep your endorphins and serotonin levels up during those drab winter days.

Now we know that not everybody is willing and able to go for a ski trip, here’s a list of alternative winter activities that’s sure to keep you fit and happy before spring.


winter sledding kids


Can’t go skiing but the slopes are still calling out to you? Why not go sledding instead? It’s good, safe fun for the whole family and you can do it practically anywhere there’s an incline. Sleds are pretty cheap too, both inflatable and hard plastic sleds stay below $100.

Ice skating

winter ice skating woman

If you think skiing is a bit extreme, here’s a more graceful alternative. Ice skating is a low-impact exercise that provides a good aerobic workout, provided that you don’t land on your butt! You’ll only feel your thighs and calves burn after since you won’t notice the effort that you’re putting in while having fun gliding on the ice. 





Hiking is always good cardio, and snowshoeing uphill is like going on a Stairmaster while enjoying a picturesque view. One tip to make your winter hike even better: bring a good camera and a hot drink. Once you lose yourself trying to capture the beauty of your natural surroundings, you’ll easily forget the number of steps you’ve taken trudging through snow-laden grounds with a backpack.


Ice fishing

Ice fishing


While you won’t exactly shed a lot of pounds with this one, this great father-and-son bonding activity will still make you work up a sweat. Keeping your balance on slippery surfaces, lugging fishing equipment, and boring holes into the ice will probably leave you catching your breath, but you can enjoy the calm serenity of winter once you sit down with a hot drink while waiting for your catch.    

Snowball fight

Snowball fight couple


Who doesn’t love a good snowball fight? Run, crouch, dive, pitch, it's a whole body workout for everyone in the family. All you need is some good winter clothes to keep you warm and dry and snow, lots of it! Pro tip: set up a hot drink station where you can have an awarding ceremony for the winners. 

Shoveling snow

man shoveling snow


Shoveling snow is a good workout but most don’t do it for fun. This year, why not do it for a good cause instead. If you have an elderly neighbor who might need some assistance, put those holiday carbs to good use by being a good Samaritan. It’s totally a win-win situation. 



kids skibobbing


Who says you can’t bike during winter? If you feel unsure about balancing on ice skates, why not try a skibob? Since it is a bike with skis instead of wheels, it’ll provide you with a good, knee-friendly workout that’s not as extreme as a snowmobile. If you want a winter version of the kick-scooter, try looking up snow scooting.  

Kite skiing

man kite skiing


Here’s a gentler alternative to skiing that you can do even if you don’t have a slope. As the name suggests, you use a large kite to drag you forward through the snow or even jump through the air. It’s not that expensive either, a parafoil kite will only set you back around $50. 


Shedding off those unwanted pounds gained during the holidays should not be as difficult as you might expect. You don’t necessarily have to hit the gym hard to burn those carbs. Moving around and keeping active should help a lot in keeping you fit. If you’re concerned about COVID, you can certainly do these activities while maintaining social distancing. The important thing is that you don’t keep those joints and muscles idle, but have a fun time at it as well.