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Enjoy the Perfect Picnic with Beckworth & Co. SmartFold Picnic Basket

Flowers are in bloom. The birds are chirping. Sunshine is here – and it’s going to be here for a few months. Spring is almost over, and summer is here. These seasons are perfect for the most festive outdoor activity – picnics! Of course, no picnic is complete without sandwiches, snacks, fruits, and bottles of your favorite wine. You need a really good picnic basket – and this is why we recommend Beckworth & Co.’s SmartFold Picnic Basket. It’s the perfect basket to meet all your picnic needs.


What Makes Beckworth & Co. SmartFold Picnic Basket Awesome?

This bag is spacious enough to hold many items. It’s a 32-liter capacity container which will allow you to store all kinds of things – like snacks, fruits, beverages, dishes, bottles of wines, cutlery, soda, water bottles, or anything else you need for a picnic. You’ll find an extra pocket to store smaller items in. It is designed with extra padded insulation to ensure that your food stays warm or your drinks remain cold. So, if you’re planning a long road trip this summer, you might want to get your own Beckworth & Co. picnic basket now. Used with ice pack, you can keep milk or other drinks cold for up to 8 hours.Beckworth & Co. SmartFold Picnic Basket


It’s so easy to store anyway. It collapses; so if there is nothing to store in it, you can always just fold it flat and store it away. There is a strap to lock it in place. It is lightweight, and it features an aluminum frame. It makes it easy to carry as it weighs only about 1.9 lbs. It looks modern and fashionable as well. It will suit any occasion. You can bring it to potlucks, BBQs, picnics, camping trips, road trips, and other outdoor activities. You can bring it to concerts and musical festival as well. It looks great – you’d love showing it to friends. We’d actually love it if you could show it to friends!


What People Say About the SmartFold Picnic Basket

“This picnic basket is awesome - the whole thing can be folded with the metal handle and frame (and strapped to stay in place) to reduce the amount of space it takes up. You can also remove the metal handle and frame so that it's just the cloth basket. It's pretty big, I plan on taking it to go camping, and I think it'll keep the groceries cold enough, with some ice inside. Definitely more stylish, and has more utility than other picnic baskets. Can also imagine taking this to the beach and use it to keep drinks cold in the summer.”- Darrell Arthur
Beckworth & Co. SmartFold Picnic Basket
“I purchased this to keep in my car to keep groceries cold while I run other errands -- perfect since it is insulated. Because it folds down and is secured by a snap (see photo), the basket stores folded up and neatly in the trunk of my car. Once unfolded the snap attaches to the base of the basket so the flap is out of the way. The insulated basket is attached to the handle structure by 6 velcro tabs (see photo). You could easily fit at 27 twelve-ounce cans in it and have plenty of wiggle space for ice packs or other items.” – JP
Beckworth & Co. SmartFold Picnic Basket
“I enjoy going to the park with my kids and setting up a nice little picnic area every so often. This picnic bag makes it easy for me to carry my sandwiches, fruit, snacks and occasionally a bottle of wine or whiskey (It just makes the day go by faster and sometimes smoother). The bag is a pretty casual color, design and style which is perfect. It was very convenient to clean as it's inevitable some there will be some food or drink stains, especially with kids.” - Justin C
“The problem I had with my other picnic basket was that it was too large for what we typically needed when we went out for a picnic with the kids. This one was a good size for me and my partner. Overall I thought this item was great. It kept my drinks cool and was easy to put away when I was done with it.” – Jason Ng
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