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Featured Outdoor Blogger of the Month: Kat of Kat Haas Outdoors

Meet Kat Haas! She's the amazing blogger behind the Mid-Atlantic, Maryland based adventure blog — Kat Haas Outdoors. She has been in love with the idea of being outdoors and spending time with nature at an early age. Kat enjoyed countless hours outside with horses when she was younger and that became one of the reasons why she developed a passion for outdoors.

Aside from horse riding, she is also fond of other outdoor activities like archery, hunting, and fishing. Kat started shooting at the age of 14 and began hunting and trapping at 21. She created her blog to inspire more people to find their inner passion for the outdoors and fully embrace the outdoor lifestyle. Kat Haas has been featured on SHWAT, Women’s Outdoor News, American Hunter Online and earned the Mason-Dixon Outdoor Writer's Association Best Outdoor Blog Article in 2016.

I learned that along with my passion for the outdoors, I stumbled upon my one and only obsession – Nature!

1. Why do you love the outdoors?

Being outdoors always had a soothing effect on me. Any time I was stressed out or needed to find a way to relax, I would go for a walk, a drive, or ride my bike up to the barn to spend time with my horse, Zack.

kat haas standing next to a car

2. What kind of outdoor enthusiast do you consider yourself to be?

I truly just love the outdoors and everything about it, except bugs... Depending on the season, you can find me hiking with my husband and our dog, Hershey, or you'll find me hunting to fill our freezer with deer, elk, wild hog, and turkey meat.


kat haas hunting turkey meat 

3. We've discovered that you really love horses. How did it all begin?

I started horseback riding when I was 18 months old. My parents had taken me to an Easter festival and one of the local farmers had some horses there for pony rides. We stood in line for ages and my parents were 100% convinced that I was going to back out after watching all the other kids bawling their eyes out to get off. Finally it was my turn and after going around the loop 3 times, I was giggling and didn't want to get down. I've been hooked on horses ever since. I took every opportunity to get in the saddle that I could. Finally, I got the chance to start training a horse in middle school, and then started working with abuse cases during college. Being on a horse always made me feel free, like I was unstoppable.


Kat Haas Horse Riding 

4. You've tried lots of cool outdoor activities like fishing, hunting, kayaking, and rafting. If you were given a chance to try out something new, what would it be and why?

I really have tried a lot of cool outdoor adventures. I'm actually trying something new this winter and I'm really excited about it! As I mentioned before, I am married and my husband is Active Duty. We recently got stationed in Colorado and have decided to try our hand at skiing and snowboarding. We've never been before and, I for one, am very excited to give it a shot!

kat haas outdoor activity

5. What experience you've had in the wilderness that you'll never forget?

I've had so many unforgettable experiences. One of my favorites is the story about how I shot my first deer. It's available to read on my blog, Kat Haas Outdoors. Another crazy story took place on a small farm on Maryland during the Spring turkey season. We had been setup in the perfect spot and just as a mature tom was strolling towards us, he went completely silent and disappeared. We didn't have a clue where he may have gone so we sat, shotguns ready, as a fox pops up out of the tall grass and starts walking towards us. It didn't see us, but our decoys were set and they looked real enough to the fox. It ran towards us, grabbed one of the decoys by the neck and tried to run off with it. As it tried to run, the fox ran directly to me and was 6 inches from my boot when I slipped my safety off. Prepared to pull the trigger, the fox let go of the turkey decoy and made a 90 degree turn off into the woods. I've experienced a lot in my time in the field, and I'll never forget any of it but that was certainly one of my favorite memories.

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