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Featured Outdoor Blogger of the Month: Queenie of Voila Travels

Queenie Tan is the smiling face behind the blog Voila Travels. Just like other globetrotters, this woman from Sydney, Australia loves discovering new places as well as meeting people from different cultures. In fact, she travels to 10 new countries every year. Sounds awesome, right?

Voila Travels has become a platform for Queenie to share not just her mind-blowing adventure stories and breathtaking shots but also some helpful itineraries and tips for those who are planning to explore the other side of the world. She looks at hundreds of itinerary templates from around the globe and gathers feedback from thousands of travelers to come up with an ultimate travel itinerary template. And the best thing about this tool is that it helps you create a travel itinerary in less than 10 minutes without any charges!

I travel because I am curious about our world. I want to explore, meet interesting people, challenge myself and learn more about myself and the world I live in the process...

1. How did "Voila Travels" start? What inspired you to create a travel blog?

We wanted to help inspire people to travel and see more of what this world has to offer. Travelling has really opened our mind and helped us expand our horizons, and we want other people to feel the same way. We are big believers in collecting experiences rather than things, because they never lose value and each experience teaches you a priceless lesson.

Queenie Tan of Voila Travels

2. What makes you passionate about adventure and traveling?

You only have one life, so we are motivated to travel as much as we can and as far as we can. Experiencing new things and visiting new places keeps life interesting and exciting. We aim to live a life where we never stop learning and never stand still.


3. We heard you're into photography. What type of camera do you use? Can you share some beginner tips on how to capture great travel photos?

We use the Olympus Pen when we are travelling. It's small and compact, but takes the same quality images as bigger DSLR camera. There are so many settings and there's a setting for every occasion at any time of day. Some beginner photography tips would be to find out the best camera settings for capturing the photos you'd like to. For example, you're going to see a waterfall and you'd like to get an image with the silky water effect - find out what settings they're using (in this case low ISO) and try them out.

4. You've been to many different places. What's your most favorite so far and why?

There are so many amazing places - so it's really tough to choose! For beaches and nature, Hawaii (especially the islands Kauai and Maui). There's so much diversity in Hawaii's ecosystems, so you can visit beautiful beaches, volcanoes, waterfalls and canyons - all in one place. If you like busy cities and great food Hong Kong is a must. There's so much going on in this city, you'll never be bored. The food is also amazing.


5. What has traveling around the world taught you over the past years?

Travelling opens your mind and shows you that there are many other people in the world who live their lives completely different to how you do in your country. It also teaches you to be open minded to trying new things because you may end up liking it, and even if you don't, at least you've tried it.

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