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Father’s Day is coming up and most of us haven’t decided on what gift to get our Dads. Some Dads would very much like to get things they just can’t get for themselves, thinking it’s just logical to spend the money on the family or other much-needed purchases. There are also Dads that would prefer celebrating Father’s Day by getting a thoughtful gesture or a simple visit. Getting the right gift for someone special is important and it’s no mystery why some of us would go to great lengths just to get it right. Whether it’s a physical present or an experience you’re thinking, we’ve got a few ideas for you.
Dads don’t care much about getting material things but rather wish for a well-deserved break from work or more time spent with their families. Younger working dads are often stressed from work and would like to have some time off, and older dads mostly want just a few days a year to get to see the family.
Give dad a break. Let the family surprise him by taking care of all his duties that day, from taking out the trash to manning the grill (if he allows you). Tell him to sit back and relax, and do what he wants to do. Make him a snack while he watches his show. Get him an ice-cold beer so he can drink peacefully while watching his favorite game. Make sure that he doesn’t get disturbed. It’s his day after all.
A 10-minute phone call is valuable to him more than you know. If you haven’t talked to your dad in a while it might be the best time to give him a few minutes of your time, especially if you can’t afford to pay a visit this Father’s Day. This small gesture might even be a start to a better and more active relationship. If he has the gadget for it, give him a video call instead so you can see his reaction and he could see you in return. A 10-minute call may be simple and may not have much meaning, but hearing your voice and seeing your face means a lot more to him more than you know.
If you can do more than just a phone call, surprise your dad with a visit over the weekend. Get your mom involved or anyone in the family to make sure that your dad clears up his schedule for when you arrive. All your dad wants is to be with you on his special day, and being there would show that he is still an important part of your life.
Nothing beats a family gathering to celebrate dads, and to see the family all together will make this Father’s Day very special. Bring grandpa along and take a picture that includes all of the dads in the family. Have the kids read out heartfelt messages to their dads during the meal. Take the time to catch up with the family and siblings. Make sure to plan out the next family event while you’re there, this will give your dad something special to look forward to.
If you still want to give your dad a gift, why not? A lot of dads put away their material desires when prioritizing the family. Most of them would rather get their children new clothes than buy some for themselves. We’ve listed a few guilty pleasures that your dad would be happy getting this Father’s Day.
Season tickets may be on the expensive side of gifts for Father’s Day but it’s more than just a full year’s worth of entertainment. If you get season tickets for both of you, it would mean a year of bonding and fun activities. That will beat any gift out there because it also makes new memories, and these memories are irreplaceable and priceless.
If you don’t already have one, now is a great time to get it. A lot of great movies are in line to hit these streaming platforms one after the other, and it’s a safe bet that your dad wouldn’t want to miss any of it. Better yet, give him the subscription when you let him relax for a day. This subscription will let your dad watch his old favorites on repeat.
No dad wouldn’t be happy with a new toolkit. Even if he already has all the tools, having another one is still a good idea for any dad. If he loves projects around the house and spends hours in the garage, now's a great time to add to his collection. But make sure you buy the brand he likes as he may be a bit picky when it comes to the quality of the tools. Before you know it, he’ll be tinkering around the house in no time.
A personalized pocket knife is one of the simplest yet meaningful token gifts there is. Whether or not he’ll actually use it, it would still be an item he’ll brag to his friends whenever he gets a chance. There are a lot of quality knives, out on the market, that are not that expensive. Some manufacturers or makers even let you have the option to have the knife engraved or etched. Have a dedication or a simple message put it in to remind him of the day you gave it to him.