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Top Ten Creative Outdoor and Picnic Themes for Summer

We’re in the middle of summer again! With the warm weather, it’s the perfect time to gather family members you rarely see or reconnect with buddies or workmates. Do you have an idea of the top summer picnic themes you can choose for a fun day out?

Now there’s nothing wrong with the usual—someone brings a large picnic blanket, a basket filled with bread, spreads, salad and a bottle of your favorite drink—but who wouldn’t want a change every once in a while? If you’re up for a twist to the traditional picnic you can try these wacky and creative suggestions:


#1 The Silent Picnic

How long do you think your friends can last without saying a single word? You’ll know when you dare them to communicate through Morse code, body language or by writing. People who were talking nonstop during the week would appreciate a few moments’ peace and quiet. Plus, if you wanna up the ante, have the first one who breaks the “no talking” rule buy a round of drinks afterward! The loser of this fun, thrilling blocks game played in silence should treat everyone with their favorite snacks.


#2 The No-Gadgets Picnic

no gadget picnic

Quit staring at that screen—it’s time you look at real faces and smiles for a change! Hit the power button on your phone or tablet for now and enjoy the laughter and company of real people. Wouldn’t it be great to get away sometimes from the endless pings and dings we’re so used to in our everyday lives? You can still make your gadget-less picnic more exciting by sharing stories or playing naughty card games with your friends.


#3 Outdoor Movie Buffs Picnic

If you prefer an evening picnic and are in a quiet spot, you can choose to enjoy watching your favorite movies together with a significant other or a group of friends. Whether it’s a marathon of the best romantic comedies, a round of the classics or even revisiting your favorite childhood Disney films, just savor a night under the stars and in the company of loved ones. Afterward, you can even have a healthy discussion about the parts you liked best. Be sure to have the best outdoor picnic blanket for your outdoor movie marathon.

Outdoor Movie Buffs Picnic

#4 Superheroes and Anime Picnic

Can’t resist the urge to wear your favorite superhero t-shirt or even a full costume without looking awkward? Organize a picnic for friends and family who are superhero and anime fans! Have everyone bring their toy or comics collection for others to admire (and perhaps even trade or buy).

Snacks and drinks can be on a theme as well—there are blogs online who feature recipes inspired by popular superhero movies and anime characters. You can also play anime themed chess set to further the picnic experience. 


#5 International Food Festival

Do you have mixed-race family members or some well-traveled friends you want to gather? Highlight each one’s heritage or travel experiences by assigning them a dish to bring from their home country or a favorite destination they’ve visited. Each guest can then regale the group with anecdotes or trivia featuring their assigned country.

To experience the taste of other countries, why don't you try snacks from around the world?

International Food Festival

#6 Jocks and Cheerleaders Picnic

Want to show your school’s pride or relive your glory days in college? Organize a varsity-themed picnic where guests can wear their old sports jerseys or cheerleader uniforms. Have guests who weren’t so sporty way back during your school days? Not to worry, have them wear jerseys or t-shirts for their favorite basketball, baseball or soccer team instead! While you're wearing your cool sports outfit, put your summer sports cap on to complete your get up. This can be a good time to relive fun memories of your high school and college life.


#7 Frat Party Picnic

College is one of the best periods in many people’s lives, and what more can bring the memories back than having beer bongs, a football or Frisbee to play catch with around the picnic area, and that favorite college outfit of flannel shirts, jeans, hoodies or sweaters. Bring on a tall beer tower and pump up the scene with some loud music! Hype it up some more by having a shot glass roulette drinking game!


#8 Beach Bum Picnic

If you can’t go to the beach, who says the beach can’t come to you? When the temperature is just sizzling hot and a beach trip isn’t possible or practical, you can still cool yourselves and enjoy each other’s company. Set up a large inflatable pool, have guests come over in their swimwear, and make lots of refreshments to quench everyone’s thirst!

Beach Bum Picnic

#9 Circus Picnic

Does a backyard picnic get any more fun than having your favorite childhood treats — Popcorn with a popcorn maker, Jelly Beans, Cracker Jacks, M&M’s, cotton candy, and hot dogs as the picnic food? And setting up carnival games such as a ring toss or a balloon popping station will make sure everyone feels like a winner at your picnic.


#10 Rock-and-Roll Picnic

Getting together with your fellow Guns ‘n’ Roses, Rolling Stones or Elvis fans? Make the gathering interesting by having invitees come over in their best Elvis or Mick Jagger costume. You might even have the best of them who can sing or dance do a little entertainment at the picnic site with a wireless Bluetooth karaoke mic. Rock on!


So which of these top summer picnic ideas have you tried or are keen to try on your next picnic? Share your photos on our social media accounts!

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