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As the global pandemic continues to impact everyone around the world, we're working hard to balance travel and safety, and a sense of caution alongside our endless sense of wanderlust. Looking towards what 2022 has in store for us we’re now being purposeful about why we choose to take a trip and thought about how our actions impact local communities while we’re there.

Despite borders closures, cruise cancellations, and travel restrictions, 2022 is where we hope to get back out there. As most of us now are probably vaccinated and more are taking booster shots, places are starting to reopen with a solid safety protocol in place for our benefit. We’ve compiled a small list of our most desired places to visit to help you narrow down where to travel this year.

West Virginia state parks are on track to hit a record 10 million visitors this year, and lawmakers approved a $42 million in budget surplus for infrastructure improvements, including 20 new cabins at Coopers Rock State Forest and 25 new treehouse cabins at Beech Fork State Park. Meanwhile, the new Elk River Rail Trail in central West Virginia is transforming an old railroad line once used to transport coal into a hiking and biking path that will be one of the longest trails east of the Mississippi.

If you need a little more comfort during your stay, the Hotel Morgan recently reopened in Morgantown. The Hotel dates back to 1925 and has hosted the likes of Harry Truman and Eleanor Roosevelt. 

The New River Gorge in West Virginia was named the country's 63rd National Park and the state’s first National Park and Preserve. The move was an an effort to promote tourism as part of the December COVID-19 relief bill. The park was always well-known regionally, but now it's quickly becoming popular nationally. Its sandstone cliffs make for world-class rock climbing. The whitewater rapids in the river below provide some of the wildest rafting on the east coast. And the trails carve around the gorge’s hillsides, delivering hikers and bikers to some of West Virginia’s most scenic vistas.

The year 2022 will be a “time of transition” as the economy steadily recovers and Singapore reconnects with the rest of the world, Prime Minister Lee Hsien Loong said in his New Year message. Singapore plans to safely expand cross‐border travel and reconnect with the rest of the world this year

For years, Singapore has attracted a lot of tourists and those at the forefront of finance, technology, and business. Now, a 10-year push to transform the republic into a sustainable city promises to lure more eco-explorers, especially now that vaccinated U.S. travelers no longer have to quarantine upon arrival. 

Raffles Sentosa Resort & Spa also plans to open in 2022, 135 years after the original Raffles Hotel was established. It will be an all-villa sanctuary that will house 61 butlered villas in the middle of more than a million square feet of tropical gardens. There are also other options for a fresh green perspective, like the new wellness-focused Oasia Resort, where you can dine on locally farmed Asian sea bass and get a massage with recycled coffee grounds. While those seeking a getaway that’s even more embedded in nature will soon be able to set up camp at Singapore’s first off-grid accommodation by Sentosa Development Corporation on the uninhabited southern Islands.

Those cautious of traveling internationally in 2022 will find solace in Jackson Hole, Wyoming. Over 2.6 million people visit Jackson Hole each year, which is a shocking statistic considering its population is roughly 10,700 people total. 

Jackson Hole is a mountain town with endless open space and plenty of activities to do. In the winter, life revolves around Jackson Hole Mountain Resort, home to some of the nation's best skiing and snowboarding. While in the summer, you can plan your trip around the Jackson Hole Food & Wine Summer Festival or head to the nearby Grand Teton National Park.

Just 5 miles away from Jackson Hole is the Grand Teton National Park. There are over 230 miles of hiking trails and the easy access to epic mountain views makes this one of the best National Parks out there. There are also numerous serene lakes with deep blue pools, that reflect the stillness and color of the glaciers that shaped them. The winding Snake River descends through the park while the dense forests blanket the mountainsides providing habitat for a vast array of fauna and flora.

Of the four main islands within the US territory, St John is our favorite as it offers a unique island vibe that stands apart from the others. The beaches of St. John are as breathtaking as they are diverse. Whatever you’re looking for, you’re sure to find one to your liking. The island’s two small villages, Cruz Bay and Coral Bay are lined with beachfront bars filled with unique characters with a lot of stories to tell, mainland misfits escaping the stresses of reality, and tourists just soaking it all in. The Virgin Islands National Park covers more than half of the island and features miles of hiking trails through thick tropical forests, and an abundance of historical ruins. Park rangers offer programs and talks including bird watching, hikes, and cultural demonstrations.

The water activities on St. John are just as incredible as the island itself. It’s possible to encounter more than 500 species of fish, 40 types of coral, and hundreds of invertebrates inhabiting the water. 

Luckily the US Virgin Islands are open for business with minimal hassle for entry to US citizens. Since St. John does not have an airport, you’ll have to pass by St. Thomas and take the ferry. The regular ferry service connects the two islands.

Chile is a world leader in ecotourism and an outdoor adventurer's paradise. As a long thin strip of land between the Pacific Ocean and the Andes Mountains, It boasts one of the planet's most diverse landscapes. Chile has in recent years become an increasingly popular travel destination, particularly among nature lovers and adventure seekers. Travelers find an array of stunning sightseeing opportunities from the tall peaks of the Andes and endless beaches to lush temperate forests, ancient volcanoes, and a dramatic coastline such as that found at Cape Horn.

One of Chile's most important natural areas and an increasingly popular travel destination is the spectacular Torres del Paine National Park. Situated more than 100 kilometers north of the city of Puerto Natales in southern Patagonia, this stunningly beautiful area encompasses mountains, glaciers, and countless lakes and rivers. As you might have guessed, hiking is one of the park's most popular activities. The park has numerous well-marked trails with most of them offering overnight shelters with the basics needed for longer treks that circle the mountains. 

Despite being more than 3,500 kilometers away from mainland Chile, Easter Island with its remarkable stone sculptures remains the country's most recognizable attraction. It's also here where you'll find one of the country's best beaches, Anakena. This beautiful yet short stretch of white coral sand is the perfect spot for a break from hiking.

2022 marks 150 years of Yellowstone as a national park. Originally slated to be a state park, Yellowstone earned its national park status in 1872 because the land it stretched across was part of three territories, none of which was yet a state. Today the park is 96% in Wyoming, 3% in Montana, and 1% in Idaho.

The world's first national park holds enough wonders and curiosities to warrant many repeat visits. Yellowstone is home to the world's largest number of active geysers and it offers a window into the powerful forces deep beneath the earth's crust. These are the same forces that shaped this park and its dazzling and dramatic landscapes. It’s also a land of contrast with each season painting a dramatically different scene. While you might have lush greens and sparkling blues in spring and summer, you’ll get a white wonderland during the freezing winter. 

The best way to tour Yellowstone National Park is by driving around the Grand Loop, a 142-mile-long road that curves around in a figure-eight past the park's most striking natural features. At each attraction are well-maintained boardwalks and hiking trails that offer close-up views of the main features, breathtaking viewpoints. Many of the paths are also wheelchair-friendly. Driving the entire length of both loops can take between four and seven hours, depending on traffic.

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