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 Awesome Portable Showers for Camping

Hot summer is a season where many take vacations and go for nature outdoors, such as hiking, backpacking, and camping. Your cool adventure can turn into a scorching activity drenched in sweat you might regret later. It makes you so uneasy that you wanted to find a river or lake that you can soak into. Sometimes, though, that may not be the case and you really want to cool off and pour water all over your body.

On this hot, sweaty situation, we can’t think of anything but to take a shower. What if you can bring the bath whenever you go camping? Everything’s possible now with portable showers, your new cool buddy during your camping trips. Not many know that such equipment exists, that’s why it’s going to be a surprise for your pals if you bring one. They are compact, lightweight, easy-to-use, and can hold plenty of water. Also, you don’t need to feel anxious washing yourself in cold water, because these portable showers can definitely heat the water to your comfort.  

Stay fresh throughout the day by using these awesome portable showers for your camping trip. Some of the best recommendations below might help you get which one you desire.

Advanced Elements 5-Gallon Summer Solar Shower

Compliments Complaints
  • Heats up the cold water very well 
  • The handle is sturdy 
  • The plastic bag is thick enough 
  • It is easy to fill 
  • Cap seals tight
  • Hose breaks after a few uses 
  • Shower head leaks 
  • The smell of plastic stays for a long time

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Nemo Helio Portable Pressure Shower with Foot Pump

Compliments Complaints
  • It provides adequate water pressure
  • Very compact and durable 
  • It is easy to set up and use 
  • Easy to transport 
  • The container is large enough
  • Does not heat water that much 
  • The pump is not that effective 
  • Internal valve has poor design

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ELECTRFIRE Solar Shower Bag Camp Shower 5-Gallon

Compliments Complaints
  • The handle is strong enough 
  • Well-built thick material 
  • It is easy to use the nozzle 
  • Water flow is great 
  • Heats the water quickly
  • Leaks around the cap 
  • Does not heat for others 
  • The cap would not stay in place

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Coghlan's Solar Heated Camp Shower 5-Gallon

Compliments Complaints
  • Holds plenty of water 
  • Fills up easily 
  • Water quickly heats up 
  • Compact and portable
  • It is very affordable
  • Some experience leaks 
  • Poor shower head design 
  • Handle breaks after a few uses

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ASANMU Solar Camping Shower Bag 5-Gallon

Compliments Complaints
  • Holds enough water for at least 3 people
  • Heats water very well 
  • The handle is sturdy 
  • Easy to pack 
  • It is lightweight
  • The showerhead is quite cheap 
  • Screw on top leaks 
  • Spout at the bottom keeps coming off

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