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 The Best Backpacking Packs for 2020

For backpackers and outdoor enthusiasts like you, a superb, quality-made backpacking pack is a must-have. A good backpack will keep your things inside safe and has enough compartments and pockets that lets you store more items and a variety of them (clothes, food, and water, camping gear, etc.) for days.

Having a comfortable back frame and shoulder straps is a huge plus especially when carrying it while you’re walking and traversing the woods and mountains for the whole day for a couple of days. Waterproofing or water-resistance is a nice touch to keep the things inside dry on situations where you have to cross a river or a lake. Adjustable harnesses are great to have so you can happily carry the backpack that suits your body frame and height.

There are now a bunch of features that a backpacking pack can offer. Each one has its own set of amazing features and weaknesses. In the end, it’s a matter of perspective and in choosing what you think is the best one for you and your upcoming backpacking adventures while considering the style, price, and customer reviews.

This year, we bring you a collection of the best backpacking packs for 2020, something to grab now on Amazon.

TETON Sports Explorer 4000 Backpacking Pack

Compliments Complaints
  • Has strong zippers 
  • Shoulder straps and waist belt are comfortable 
  • It is waterproof 
  • Trekking poles can fit on the side pockets 
  • Torso is adjustable
  • Main buckle breaks 
  • Stitching comes apart 
  • Straps break after a few uses

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Osprey Packs Aether AG 70 Backpacking Pack

Compliments Complaints
  • It is adjustable 
  • Has a separate compartment for a sleeping bag 
  • It is water-resistant 
  • Feels lightweight and comfortable 
  • Has plenty of room for more than a week of travel
  • The hip belt is uncomfortable for others 
  • The top compartment is small 
  • Water bottle pockets are narrow

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G4Free Packable 40L Backpacking Pack

Compliments Complaints
  • It is lightweight 
  • Offers extra flexibility in handling more items 
  • Packs down really small 
  • With multiple compartments 
  • Straps are adjustable
  • Zipper seams rip after a few uses 
  • Elastic holder breaks 
  • Not water resistant

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NEVO RHINO 50L/60L/80L Backpacking Pack

Compliments Complaints
  • It is lightweight 
  • Has breathable fabric panel between back and frame 
  • It is waterproof 
  • Has deep and large side pockets for water bottles 
  • Comfortable shoulder straps
  • Stitching comes apart 
  • Rips after some uses 
  • Frame seems flimsy

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MOUNTAINTOP Adventure 55L Backpack with Rain Cover

Compliments Complaints
  • Back support is comfortable 
  • Has long side pockets 
  • Shoulder length can be adjusted 
  • Has a large compartment at the bottom 
  • Sturdy aluminum frame
  • Hip belts are weak 
  • Lacks shoulder strap padding 
  • Zipper breaks

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TETON Sports Fox 5200 Backpacking Pack

Compliments Complaints
  • It is comfortable to carry 
  • Plenty of pockets 
  • Belt and shoulder harnesses can be adjusted 
  • Sturdy material used 
  • Has compression strap over the main compartment and top removable bag
  • Straps and Velcro dismembers 
  • Does not sit up on the waist 
  • Inner zipper stitching come apart

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Gonex 80L Backpacking Pack

Compliments Complaints
  • Durable materials that can handle quite a stretch 
  • Back feels comfortable 
  • Tons of pockets 
  • Height can be adjusted 
  • Has plenty of room
  • Belt breaks off 
  • Heavier than expected 
  • The strap feels a bit flimsy

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