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Best Coleman Coolers for the Outdoors

To all of you outdoor enthusiasts out there, do you bring coolers when you go camping? If not, then how do you enjoy drinks with your friends? These are better served cold you know. If you enjoy being outdoors, you need to have a cooler, no questions asked. Bringing one does not mean it's a hassle. There are different types and sizes of outdoor coolers, from the soft ones to the basic to the heavy duty ones. You can choose depending on the number of people in your group, how often you go camping or spend outside, and how much drinks (and food) you do intend to store.

There are some factors to consider when looking for the best outdoor cooler for your trip. A brand name that many people know and trust is Coleman. There are mainly three types they offer, which are soft-side, basic, and heavy-duty. Guessing by these, you may have an idea of what their differences are. The soft-side coolers are compact and intended for consumers who want lighter and has minimal space, but they are slightly less insulated. The basic coolers are the ones we usually see at picnics, family outings, and overnight camping. They have insulation, a bit minimal, and only seal around the lid. The heavy-duty coolers are your best bets if you plan to camp for a couple of days. They have thick insulation, tight seals, and locking lids. They are your choice for harsh conditions and long outings and harsh, but weigh and cost more than their counterparts. These days, though, Coleman was able to produce lighter and more affordable heavy-duty coolers for your convenience.

Go get the best Coleman cooler now and create wonderful outdoor experiences with your best buds!

Coleman Steel-Belted 54-Quart Portable Cooler

Compliments Complaints
  • Keep drinks very cold for a long time 
  • Lock is sturdy 
  • Cooler is easy to open 
  • Looks quite sleek 
  • It is fairly lightweight
  • Squishes the gasket when putting on too much weight 
  • Some complained of inside latch system falling out 
  • Paint on the edges scrape off easily

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Coleman 42-Can Wheeled Soft Cooler

Compliments Complaints
  • It is easy to clean 
  • It has plenty of room 
  • It is easy to carry using exterior handle 
  • Price is affordable for its quality 
  • Nice pockets and elastic cords
  • The handle doesn't lock well in extended position 
  • Zipper difficult to zip 
  • Legs break after a few uses

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Coleman Xtreme Series 70-Quart Portable Cooler

Compliments Complaints
  • Solid ice lasts for days
  • Handles can carry an extra heavy load 
  • Construction is really sturdy 
  • Quite cheaper than other similar-sized coolers 
  • The lid can hold even with too much weight
  • Hinges are flimsy 
  • Lid difficult to close 
  • Some complained of small dents

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Coleman Xtreme 5 100-Quart Cooler

Compliments Complaints
  • Easy to pop the valve off 
  • Food and drinks stay cold for a couple of days 
  • Walls are thicker than others 
  • Cover seals tight 
  • Can fit on the back of your truck
  • No handle on the lid to hold on to 
  • Handles are flimsy 
  • There are no wheels

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Coleman Coleman 62-Quart Xtreme Wheeled Cooler

Compliments Complaints
  • Food and drinks are kept cold for a long time 
  • Easy to transport and roll 
  • It is spacious enough 
  • The lid is heavy duty 
  • Convenient to tote from a vehicle
  • It is quite heavy 
  • Handle not strong enough 
  • Some came with scratches

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