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There are a lot of clever outdoor gear to be found on Amazon but the main thing that deters most of us from putting it on our wish list is of course, the price. If it’s functional and cool, it’s most likely to be expensive. However, if you dig a bit deeper in Amazon and comb through a few online lists, you’ll unearth some gems that are surprisingly cheap for the value they offer. 

If you’re not sure what else your list for your next camping or hiking trip is missing, check out some of these nifty gadgets that you never thought you’d need. 

Scrubba Portable Wash Bag

The Scrubba is definitely a handy item for those who pack light and prefer to wash and reuse clothes multiple times in a week. This washing bag saves on detergent and water, and even has bumps inside that you can use to rub your clothes for a thorough clean.
Compliments Complaints
  • Requires little water
  • Material is durable 
  • Saves you from getting wet
  • Has clever internal bumps that act as a washboard
  • Laundry services might be cheaper in some places
  • One customer got the wrong color delivered
  • Green color may bleed in the water

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GAFres Unisex Rechargeable Bluetooth LED Beanie Music Hat

If you like jogging at night during cold weather, then the LED beanie with music player is probably what you want to get. It can be bothersome and even dangerous to have your ears completely plugged with your pods while running, so an external audio headphones is a better option. You also have a LED light that won't bounce around while it lights up your path and keeps you visible to others around you.  

Compliments Complaints
  • Clever gift for kids and adults
  • Versatile and useful especially during winter
  • Quite cheap
  • Sizing is a bit small
  • Bluetooth speakers have low battery life
  • Speaker can be a bit buzzy

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Gulaki Hands Free Portable Neck Fan

A perpetual cool breeze in our face is what we all probably wish for during warm camping days. Thanks to tech, you can now have that even while you're hiking. The Wearable Sports Fan is a lightweight fan you can wear around your neck that can cool you down when you need it the most without being too bothersome, at its price it's definitely an outdoor gear you should get.

Compliments Complaints
  • Perfect for hot flushes
  • Good, inexpensive gift
  • Not heavy or bothersome, fits well
  • May tangle long hair
  • Battery life is a bit short
  • Some units may die after a few months of use

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Feemic Monocular Telescope High Power 8x42

Now Feemic might not be a name you recognize when it comes to optics, but their Monocular Telescope has proven itself as a solid entry level offering in its category. If you want to try out a monocular for a simple bird or game watching, you'd want to consider this one.
Compliments Complaints
  • Fairly cheap compared to other competing items
  • Good enough to be used for spotting on the range
  • Compact and lightweight
  • A bit too much on the telephoto side
  • Weak magnification
  • Not as rugged as expected

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Sportsvoutdoors Walkie Talkies Watch

If you want a cheap camping gift your younger kids will absolutely go nuts about, this is it. In fact, this is so cheap that you won't have to worry if your kids are being rough with it, but it'll give them tons of fun! 
Compliments Complaints
  • Lots of fun for younger kids
  • Very cheap
  • Easy to use
  • Quite cheap, will probably break after a few months
  • Customers reported getting defective items
  • Short range and lots of static

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