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Top 5 Outdoor Bikes on Amazon

It's truly liberating to pedal your way to your destination. So much so when you know what benefits bicycling can bring to your physical and mental health. It is a perfect exercise to free your body and mind from unwanted issues.

Riding mountain bikes can help improve body functions, most especially your musculoskeletal, respiratory, and cardiovascular organs. It can have a positive impact on your body health in general, limiting your risk of acquiring lifestyle-related diseases. It develops and tones your lower back muscles, strengthens your bones, and improves your spine and joints. It then promotes proper posture and mobility when all of these are achieved. Cycling can also improve your breathing and lung capacity. It helps with the proper functioning of your heart, which can lower your blood pressure, faster metabolism which helps burn body fats faster and reducing the risk for other heart illnesses.

Mental health has been a serious issue for the past decade. Life, in general, has become more stressful brought by many social, environmental, and personal factors. Exercising such as bike riding can improve your mental health. When you sweat due to activities, your body produces more endorphins which can lift your mood and make you feel better in the long run. You will, in turn, have a better outlook in life. Cycling may even boost your intelligence because when you are pedaling, your brain is working more. You can notice it by staying alert while on the road condition since there would be unexpected and immediate changes to look out for. So, it can help improve your attention to what you're doing.

There's so much to talk about when it comes to the benefits of cycling. What are you waiting for? Grab an outdoor bike and start rolling your way to a healthier life.

Schwinn High Timber Mountain Bikes

Compliments Complaints
  • Has good fork fronts with shocks
  • Easy to get on, off and straddle on the seat
  • A pretty solid bike for the price
  • Gives you stability
  • Easy to assemble
  • Still have to tweak or even change some tools for your comfort
  • Not recommended for big people
  • The seat is not that comfortable

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2018 Gravity FSX 2.0 Dual Full Suspension Bike

Compliments Complaints
  • Can be used even on rough terrains 
  • Comfortable to ride on 
  • Easy to assemble
  • Suspension is amazing 
  • Great looking build
  • It is quite heavy 
  • Threads on rear shock are stripped 
  • Some complained of bent forks

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BEIOU Carbon Fiber 27.5 Mountain Bike

Compliments Complaints
  • It is really lightweight 
  • Very easy to assemble 
  • Can handle rough terrains better 
  • Smooth and fast to ride 
  • It looks stylish
  • Cheap plastic stopper used 
  • Seat post has cracks 
  • Some complained of cheap carbon fiber

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Compliments Complaints
  • Easy to adjust the break tension 
  • It is quick to assemble 
  • Look and feels great 
  • Light and easy to carry 
  • The design and color are stylish
  • The seat is uncomfortable 
  • Wobble not coming from uneven mounting 
  • Hubs are bent

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Vilano Shadow 2.0 Road Bike

Compliments Complaints
  • The bike feels very solid
  • Handles and brakes are pretty adjustable 
  • It is lightweight 
  • Assembly is fairly easy 
  • It rides fast
  • Saddle feels cheap 
  • The peddle makes weird noises
  • Shifters and breaks are in awkward positions

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