Pratico Outdoors 50 Cell Plastic Seed Starter Tray, 5 Pack

Build Your Dream Garden with These Seedling Starter Trays

Having a greenhouse to manage or planning to build your own garden in the backyard? Our Pratico Outdoors’ Seedling Starter Trays is an important part of your plant starting supplies. They are perfect for germinating seeds and starting succulents to help you grow a healthy garden either for personal or business use.

✔ TOP QUALITY STARTER TRAYS - Made from thick, extra sturdy, BPA-free plastic material to ensure 100% durability and long-lasting use. Each cube measures 1.7 inches in diameter.

✔ ENHANCED PLANT-GROWING - Each cell wall is designed to improve the state of plant growing. With a bottom hole to drain excess water, provide aeration, and proper circulation for healthier growth. Made for easier transplanting without causing harm to roots and plantlings.

✔ VERSATILE USE - Great for starting with rockwool, soil, or any other medium. Ideal for germinating your favorite seeds and growing a bunch of herbs, veggies, flowers, and more.

✔ TIME-SAVING - Up to 250 seedlings to plant and grow simultaneously, without hassle. More than enough cells to witness your greens grow fast. 50 cells are in one tray, so that’s 250 cells in 5 trays per pack that we offer.

✔ VALUE FOR MONEY - Stackable to organize and save space. Reusable to grow your next batch of seeds and plantlings. Affordable 5 pack seedling starter trays you can find online.

Make your dream garden for real and get our Pratico Outdoors’ Seedling Starter Trays now!