Pratico Outdoors 2 inch Net Pot for Hydroponics, Black, 50 Pack

Healthier and Faster Plant Growth Made Possible With Pratico Outdoors’ 2-Inch Black Net Pots

Whether you’re a home gardener or a pro large-scale grower who does seed starting or plant cloning, you want them to be in great condition. Using our Pratico Outdoors’ 2-Inch Black Net Pots has been a preference by many that lets you achieve quicker, healthier, and nutrient-rich small to medium plant growth especially through hydroponics (soil-free plant growing method).

✔ HIGH QUALITY AND HEAVY DUTY - Top quality, safe, non-toxic, BPA-free, food-grade plastic net pots for consumable plants. Heavy duty and durable to endure outdoor conditions and frequent use for many years.

✔ LIGHTWEIGHT AND PORTABLE - Made for quick lifting to check plants’ condition and root growth, and for easier transporting when needs be.

✔ GREAT FOR ROOT GROWTH AND PLANT HEALTH - Net pots easily absorb moisture and nutrients for growth and stability. Their narrow slits provide air circulation and drainage for optimum root growth resulting in bigger and healthier plants. They can also work with rockwool and other plant-growing media, if preferred.

✔ GROW MULTIPLE PLANTS - Comes in 50 2-inch net pots per pack so you can grow multiple plants, of the same or a variety, all at once.

✔ COST-EFFECTIVE - Offers a quick, simple, and cheap way to set up a hydroponic system. They’re also reusable. This is a more affordable deal compared to other brands.

Grab these 2-Inch Black Net Pots for excellent plant-growing now! 

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