Pratico Outdoors Aluminum Camping Stakes, for Tents and Blankets, 4 Pack

Secure Your Tents & Blankets On The Ground Firmly Without Breaking A Sweat

Are you having a hard time keeping your tents, blankets, or other things in place especially when the wind blows? You need our Pratico Outdoors’ Aluminum Camping Stakes as they are definitely a must-have in your camping or picnic.

✔ SET OF 4 ALUMINUM STAKES - Includes 4 aluminum camping tent stakes in one set so you can finally pin down your tent or blanket.

✔ INCLUDES A CARRY POUCH - Bring your aluminum camping stakes anywhere and never lose them by securing them in a carry pouch.

✔ INCLUDES A CLIP TO CLIP - You can easily clip your aluminum stakes in the pouch to our blanket straps or anything else to avoid losing them when going outdoors.

✔ ENSURES FIRM GRIP - Camping stakes hold firmly in place even in a wide range of soil to make sure your tent or blanket won’t sway away.

✔ STRONG WIND RESISTANCE - Because of the aluminum structure, these stakes are definitely a must-have in camping or picnic especially when strong wind blows.

Grab our Pratico Outdoors’ Aluminum Camping Tent Stakes if you’re planning to go outdoors soon!


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