Beckworth & Co. Round Rockwool Seed Starter Plugs, 0.6 Inch, 50 Pack

A Must-Have Seed Growing Medium When Gardening

Effectively grow your seeds the faster and more economical way. Whether you’re starting or a pro in gardening, give our newest Beckworth & Co.’s 0.6-Inch Rockwool Round Starter Plugs Growing Media - 50 Pack a shot

✔ QUALITY-MADE MICRO STARTER PLUGS - Formed in quality-made molten basaltic rock, refined into sponge-like fiber structure to create these round rockwool micro starter plugs.

✔ FASTER ABSORPTION & GERMINATION - Since this is a shorter rockwool round starter plug than usual, the moisture and nutrients are quickly absorbed by the seeds and roots while keeping most of the oxygen, for faster sprouting and rooting.

✔ EASIER TRANSPLANT - Our 0.6-inch micro starter plugs ensure an easier way to transplant your seedlings / plantlings to traditional planters and other growing media such as net pots, starter trays, blocks, soil, and more which takes up minimal space.

✔ RECYCLABLE - Since rockwool won’t break easily over time, you can recycle them after use. Break them into pieces and plot them in garden beds, potting mixes, and soil to help increase water retention in plants.

✔ MORE AFFORDABLE - Want a cheaper variation yet maintains its quality and is an effective seed-growing medium same as the usual round starter plugs? Then our smaller 0.6-inch rockwool round micro starter plugs offer the value for money.


Grab our Beckworth & Co. 0.6-Inch Rockwool Round Starter Plugs Growing Media - 50 Pack!


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