Pratico Outdoors 7 Gallon Fabric Pots for Plants, Vegetables and Flowers, 5 Pack

Optimum Plant Growth In A Fabric Grow Pot

Plant your greens, veggies, flowers and more properly, easily, and quickly and witness them grow healthily by using Pratico Outdoors’ 7 Gallon Fabric Grow Pots with handles.

✔ PREMIUM MATERIAL - Made from high quality, durable, BPA-free, 300g thickened nonwoven fabric are used that are environmentally-friendly, tough, and stand out. Dimensions: diameter - 10 in.; height - 14 in.

✔ LIGHTWEIGHT & PORTABLE - It’s important to move your growing plants to a more secure location. That’s why lightweight fabric pots with durable handles are made to move the plants easily.

✔ WASHABLE & REUSABLE- Pratico Outdoors fabric grow pots are washable so you can reuse or recycle them for the next batch of plantlings and for years to come.

✔ DURABLE HANDLES - Reinforced handles are stitched and sewn to support a bag filled with soil.

✔ GOOD DRAINAGE, HEAT & AIR CIRCULATION - Fabric used in making our aeration fabric pots are black and nonwoven so they can absorb sunlight, won’t retain excess water leading to proper circulation and healthier plant and root growth.

Grab our Fabric Grow Pots -7 Gallon (5 Pack) now!