Pratico Outdoors Rockwool Grow Seed Starter Plugs, 1 inch, 50 Cubes

Perfect Starter Cubes For Seed Growers Who Wants To Save Time and Effort

Whether you’re an amateur or a professional gardener, who wants to save time and effort, you will enjoy a more organized plant propagation with our easy-to-use Grow Cubes 1-Inch Starter Plug (50 Cubes).

✔ VARIETY OF USES - Perfect for any kind of seed and cutting for seed starting, plant cutting and rooting, and plant cloning.

✔ COMES IN 50, 100 or 200 CUBES - That’s plenty of cuttings and seeds you can plant and germinate in one sheet.

✔ TIME EFFICIENT - With pre-formed planting holes present, plenty of seeds and cuttings can be grown at once, saving you time and effort.

✔ MORE ORGANIZED PLANTING - They can easily be monitored and cared for since your seeds are all being grown in one sheet.

Note: Cube dimensions are not exact and may slightly vary.

Note: The 100 cube variation comes in a pack of 2 pieces 50 cube trays. The 200 cube variation comes in a pack of 4 pieces 50 cube trays.

Save time, effort, and money and get our Grow Cubes 1-inch Starter Plug (50 Cubes) now!


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